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Good buddy Leo Babauta of ZenHabits has a great post fusing GTD and blogging, specifically for us bloggers who suffer from not using our time productively. Between reading, writing, commenting, responding to emails, advertising, and many other tasks, it can get a little hairy for someone without a trusty system. Fortunately GTD plays perfectly into […]

I’ve just published an article over at LifeRemix with 24 Tips to Becoming An Early Riser.

While isolation does have it’s perks, it has a huge downside: You lose contact with real people. There’s only so much interaction you can have over skype, IM, email, and other forms of internet communication. Without this crucial human interaction, we start to do interesting things… like inventing and talking to imaginary friends. How can […]

Naturopathyworks has an interesting chart that shows what your food cravings mean. Here’s a few things you may or may not know about our Are you jonzing for some Mary Jane, or a some gin and juice? Your body probably needs some protein, avenin, or calcium to name a few. You can get these nutrients […]

While perusing everyone’s favorite bookmarking site, I came across this incredible photo of the Grand Tetons at night. While the picture alone is pretty impressive, the amazing part is how many planets you can actually see: The Milky Way, Jupiter, a kickin’ star named Arcturus, and the Big Dipper. That’s a pretty stellar cast. And […]

US Today has an interesting piece that challenges a lot of traditional concepts about money and smarts. Apparently you don’t have to be a genius to be rich. “Being more intelligent does not confer any advantage along two of the three key dimensions of financial success (income, net worth and financial distress),” Zagorsky finds, looking […]

Marc Andreessen’s blog has an interesting little snippet from the book The Medici Effect boldly stating: Brainstorming Sucks. (I paraphrased for emphasis.) In a [1987 study, researchers] concluded that brainstorming groups have never outperformed virtual groups. Of the 25 reported experiments by psychologists all over the world, real groups have never once been shown to […]

That little blog network I co-started last week has another collaborative post on the topic of “How to Work Like the Masters“. In short, there are 24 tips that help you work more efficiently. My favorite aspect about this post is that there are tips from many different aspects of life that affect work, like: […]

The Theory of Constraints blog has an interesting article on the damaging effects of multi-tasking.  In a project setting, it’s easy to get distracted and try and complete multiple tasks instead of just working on one. This article argues that multi-tasking is not only a bad mindset to have, but it can actually make projects […]

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