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Photo by pseudothoughts My brother had an interesting job over the holiday season: selling fireworks. Fireworks are incredibly popular in the South on New Years, and every year a caravan of his friends goes to work a firework tent in Alabama. It gives them a chance to get away and make some quick money over… Read more

Photo by the half-blood prince There’s a Chinese restaurant called the Panda Garden that my family used to frequent every Sunday. I recently read in a paper that it had been voted one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lawrence annually. That’s pretty impressive, considering there are a slew of Chinese restaurants in the college… Read more

Photo by Zevotron On most days there is blind woman that goes to the coffee shop I frequent. Karen’s one of the sweetest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet. What’s most amazing about Karen is her complete trust in her guide dog, Comet. Comet leads her everywhere she needs to go, and allows Karen… Read more

This guest post was written by Derek Ralston of Life Evolver. Imagine this- you are a highly successful, innovative entrepreneur, and one day, a raging fire burns six of your factory buildings two the ground, and guts seven others, costing you $106 million dollars. Insurance will only cover 30% of the damages. What would you… Read more

photo credit: illustir As the Internets blow up around the announcements of some Apple news, I’m left with an interesting thought. People live for this event. There are some people who wait all year to stand in line and go to a conference where The Steve speaks about what’s upcoming in Apple land. Now I’ll… Read more

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