How I Manage My Morning Routine with a To-Do List

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

How do you start your work day? Do you need a few minutes to check news and socials before you really get started? Then a glance at email is next, right? 10am comes around pretty quick, and you haven’t done anything meaningful. The trick is to get into a productive context that snaps your attention where… Read more

Smashing Magazine has a massive list of over 200 keyboard commands. Wow.  Talk about comprehensive.  The only problem I have with the list is that it makes it sound like knowing these keyboard commands is a must for becoming more productive. There is nothing more valuable than the time we need to get things done.… Read more

A lot of times people try to find the latest and greatest tool to fully organize their lives. I can tell you up front… it’s not gonna happen. What makes the self-help/productivity arena so interesting is there there isn’t one tool to “rule them all”. Some have come close, but tools aren’t meant to organize… Read more

WorkingProgram has a new Outlook add-in called Qlockwork that helps you keep track of your time online by the tool you’re using. Interestingly, you don’t need to do anything other than install it and it starts tracking 5-minute segments of your day. While this is a cool concept and I like the fact that it… Read more

Quicksilver is a great Mac app for smartly launching any application based on your preferences. In short: less clicks, more action. It can even do web searches. Now you can include killer GTD functionality with Quicksilver via Actiontastic integration. One of the most basic tenets of GTD is brain dumping; getting all those projects and… Read more

One of these days I’m going to have a Mac. And when I do, the first thing I’m going to install (aside from the OS) is Quicksilver. Talk about a cool app! Quicksilver is an application for launching programs quickly through commands. It has a LOT more functionality on that, but I don’t have the… Read more

Shortcuts are soo nice for saving time. Although you’re only saving a couple of seconds or clicks per use, little things eventually add up to big things. Spark is a free shortcuts manager for Mac users. Spark is a powerful, and easy Shortcuts manager. With Spark you can create Hot Keys to launch applications and… Read more

Hopefully I’m really wrong on this, but I think I may be coming down with the very first stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not a good thing for a guy who’s livelihood depends on using his hands. I didn’t know much about this injury, other than the fact that it sucks. So naturally, I asked… Read more

So, I’ve been digging the Firefox 2.0 RC2 somethin’ fierce. I read Gina’s review of the latst release candidte and I had to give it a whirl. It’s got a better designed interface, it appears to be much faster, and… wait for it… built in spell checking. (That last feature alone sold me.) The only… Read more

Ahh, the internet is a beautiful thing. I would be in a world of hurt if the internet was down for even half a day. I depend on it. Why? Because the internet allows me to be mobile with my work. I can go to any computer that’s online and have everything I need to… Read more

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