19 Things To Do When You are Bored With Friends For 13 Year Olds

There are times, particularly on lazy weekend afternoons or school holidays, when boredom seems to cast its long shadow. This can especially hit home when you’re in your teenage years, figuring out what interests you. Fortunately, having friends around can turn an otherwise bland day into a memorable one. Engaging in activities with friends not only strengthens bonds but also aids in cognitive and social development. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of 19 exciting things your adventurous 13-year-olds can embark upon, either indoors or outdoors.

19 Things To Do When You are Bored With Friends:

Outdoor Activities

Going on a Hike

Setting out on a hike presents an opportunity not just to exercise but also to connect deeply with the environment. The journey through trails and terrain can be uplifting and offers a chance to escape the hustle of everyday life. Before you lace up your boots, remember to plan your route and inform someone about your hiking plans for safety’s sake.

Packing for a hike involves more than throwing items into a backpack. It’s about anticipating needs and preparing for various scenarios. A map, compass, sunscreen, and insect repellent could be as crucial as your food and water supplies. Attention to detail with your hiking prep can significantly enhance the joy and security of your trek.

Cycling around Town

Riding a bike through the familiar streets can unveil new discoveries and perspectives. It’s a chance to appreciate the details of your surroundings while also getting your heart rate up. Assemble a small repair kit for your bike outings to handle any unexpected issues that might arise.

Always be aware of traffic rules and stay vigilant while on the road. Cycling can be a bonding experience, but it also requires a level of responsibility to keep everyone safe. So gear up, check your brakes, and enjoy the ride with the assurance that you’re well-prepared for the journey.

Taking Up Gardening

The act of planting and nurturing a garden is a fulfilling hobby that offers more than aesthetic rewards. It’s a peaceful retreat and a unique form of physical activity. Researching plants that will thrive in your specific environment is the key to a vibrant garden. Consider starting with some herbs or vegetables, which can bring a sense of accomplishment when you use them in your cooking.

The rhythm of gardening, from sowing seeds to harvesting, provides a sense of continuity and growth. It’s a rewarding pastime that can teach patience and care, as you watch your garden respond to your efforts.

Sports – Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, etc.

Engaging in team sports like basketball, soccer, or baseball can be an exhilarating way to spend time with friends or family. Each sport has its own set of skills and strategies, which can be a fun learning process. Invest in the proper gear, and consider coaching or training sessions if you’re looking to improve.

The camaraderie developed on the field or court can last a lifetime, and the lessons learned in teamwork and sportsmanship are invaluable. Each game is a new chance to challenge yourself and others, to celebrate victories, and to learn from losses.

19 Things To Do When You are Bored With Friends For 13 Year Olds

Indoor Activities

DIY Arts and Crafts

Creating something with your own hands can be deeply satisfying. Arts and crafts are not just for children; they can be a therapeutic and creative outlet for adults as well. Gather various materials, such as fabric, paint, and recyclables, and let your imagination take the lead.

The process of making art can be as rewarding as the end product. It’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon or to unwind after a long day. Plus, you’ll have something unique and personal at the end of your crafting session.

Video Gaming

Immersing yourself in a virtual world can be an adventure of its own. The variety of games available means there’s something to suit everyone’s interests, whether it’s strategy, adventure, or something more casual. It’s also a way to stay connected with friends who might not be nearby.

Remember to take regular breaks and be mindful of screen time. Balance is key, and it’s important to ensure that gaming is part of a well-rounded routine that includes physical activity and other interests.

Movie Marathon

There’s something special about lining up your favorite films and settling in for back-to-back screenings. Whether you prefer classic cinema, a series of action-packed thrillers, or a string of indie flicks, a movie marathon can be a real treat.

Make it an event by setting the scene with comfortable seating and perhaps even a themed decor to match the movie genre. It’s a great way to experience films you love in a new way, or to introduce friends to your favorites.

Card Games

Playing card games is a fantastic way to bond with friends and pass the time. One great game to play is Spades. In Spades, players are divided into two teams, and the goal is to accurately predict and win the number of tricks (rounds) bid by your team. Each player is dealt 13 cards, and the game progresses with players taking turns to play a card from their hand. The highest card of the leading suit wins the trick, unless a spade is played, as spades are always the trump suit. The game continues until all cards are played, and the scores are tallied based on the bids and tricks won. Spades is a game of strategy and teamwork that can provide hours of fun.To learn, try playing Spades online here..

Cooking or Baking Session

Preparing food together can be an incredible bonding experience. It can be as simple as making pizza from scratch or as elaborate as a three-course meal. The act of cooking or baking can teach teamwork and the satisfaction of sharing a meal you’ve made together.

Begin with recipes that are within your skill level and gradually work your way up. The focus should be on the fun of the process, not just the taste of the final product. It’s a chance to learn, laugh, and indulge in the fruits of your labor.

Educational Activities

Engaging in educational activities not only enhances knowledge but also provides a fun and interactive way to learn new things.

Strategic Board Games

Board games that require strategic thinking are excellent for developing critical thinking skills. These games often involve problem-solving, decision-making, and planning, making them a fun and effective educational tool.

  • Team Building: Playing these games in a group fosters teamwork and cooperative play.
  • Stimulating Fun: They offer an engaging way to learn while keeping boredom at bay.

Reading and Discussing a Popular Young Adult Novel

Group reading sessions can make the experience of reading a novel more enjoyable and interactive.

  • Shared Reading Experience: Pass around a popular young adult novel, and then gather to discuss it.
  • Character Analysis: Engage in analyzing the motives, actions, and development of the characters in the story.
  • Critical Discussion: This activity not only improves reading skills but also enhances critical thinking and comprehension abilities through group discussions.

Learning a New Skill or Hobby

Dedicating time to learn something new can be both educational and fulfilling.

  • Exploring Interests: Whether it’s artistic endeavors like painting and knitting, technical skills like coding, or physical activities like dancing, the options are endless.
  • Skill Development: This is an opportunity to develop new skills and discover potential talents or passions.
  • Making Use of Free Time: Learning a new hobby is a productive and enjoyable way to spend free time.
board games

Charity or Community Service Activities

Participating in community service is not just about helping others; it’s also about personal growth and understanding the impact of collective efforts.

Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Getting involved in local charity work can be a humbling and enriching experience.

  • Compassion and Understanding: Volunteering at a local shelter or an old age home can foster a sense of empathy and compassion.
  • Broadening Perspectives: It offers insights into the challenges faced by different sections of society and broadens one’s perspective.

Organize a Neighborhood Clean-Up

Taking initiative in your local community can have a significant positive impact.

  • Environmental Impact: Organizing a neighborhood clean-up helps in maintaining cleanliness and environmental health.
  • Educational Aspect: Such activities can be educational as they increase awareness about responsible waste disposal and the importance of maintaining a clean environment.
  • Community Bonding: This also serves as a great way to bond with neighbors and instill a sense of community pride.


Overall, these activities provide not just a refuge from boredom but also a platform for wholesome growth and development. Choose an activity that suits your interests and enjoy your time with your friends. Here’s to fostering creativity, learning, and camaraderie among 13-year-olds with these 19 exciting things to do when you’re bored!