How Do I Restrict My Child’s Internet Access?

Setting reasonable limits on your child’s internet usage is an important part of modern parenting. The internet opens up many useful educational resources and entertainment options. However, it also contains inappropriate content and can be very addicting to young minds. As a parent, you need to find the right balance of access to help your child thrive while also keeping them safe. And a reliable ​​parental control on internet access.

Why is There a Need for Internet Time Limit?

Unrestricted internet access can negatively impact children in various ways. Imposing reasonable daily or weekly limits helps avoid these concerning downsides of excessive internet use, pointing to the reasons to limit internet access:

  • It significantly affects sleep patterns and overall health when kids spend late nights endlessly browsing the web and getting drawn into social media. The blue light from screens makes it harder to fall asleep. Lack of adequate sleep hampers physical growth and lowers immunity levels in children. Their ability to focus and retain information also goes down.
  • Kids tend to avoid or neglect to complete homework assignments properly if given unlimited recreational screen time. Scoring well on classroom tests becomes harder, too. Sustained concentration is challenging for young minds habituated to constant digital stimulation and distraction. Suggest creating schedules with internet time limit where homework is done before allotting playtime.
  • Excessive social media and online gaming usage replace face-to-face interactions with friends for some kids. This can stunt the development of their real-world social skills, which require reading emotional cues and establishing rapport. Lack of interpersonal connections affects their emotional resilience and maturity. Monitoring tools allow tracking the use of such apps.
  • Unchecked internet access, unfortunately, leads to overexposure to inappropriate content like violence, hate speech, and pornography at an impressionable age. Witnessing such graphic content, especially without context, can desensitize kids or encourage imitation of risky behaviors without understanding the consequences. Age-appropriate parental controls for internet help prevent access.

How to Control Internet Access at Home

Here are some effective tips for parents on how to control internet access at home:

  • Set an internet usage schedule specifying timings for recreational access. Ensure they stick to homework and household responsibilities first.
  • Invest in good parental control on internet access that allows monitoring browsing history and setting time limits. Make use of its scheduling features.
  • Set up router-level access controls using MAC address filtering and website blocking options. Block inappropriate content.
  • Enable security settings and install child-friendly web browsers that filter objectionable material automatically.
  • Place internet-enabled devices like laptops in common areas. This allows better supervision of the activity.
  • Educate kids on responsible use rather than just setting arbitrary limits. Discuss internet safety guidelines openly.
  • Set device charging stations outside the bedroom. Collect phones before bedtime to discourage late-night social media usage.

Meet Eyezy – The Best Option Among Parental Controls for Internet

Eyezy is a best keylogger for parents and highly robust and customizable parental monitoring application for managing children’s digital activities. With over a million users worldwide, Eyezy leads among screen time apps that offer internet time limit:

  • Fine-grained control on usage limits – Set precise hourly, daily, or weekly limits on overall device use or individual apps like social media and games.
  • Comprehensive activity logs – Monitor texts, calls, websites visited, location history, and apps used by kids. Receive regular usage reports.
  • Web filtering and blocking – Prevent access to websites from over 30 undesirable categories like pornography, violence, gambling, etc.
  • Content screening – Automatically detect and flag sensitive texts, online chats, and images. Useful for cyberbullying prevention.
  • It works in stealth mode. There is no need to inform kids. The app runs discretely in the device background after a one-time setup.

Unlike some parental controls for internet that can be easily bypassed by kids, Eyezy ensures authorized parents have complete visibility and remote control on their children’s online activities 24/7. It brings peace of mind while allowing optimized internet access.


Rather than follow a blanket ban approach on the internet for kids, savvy parents should utilize the many advanced parental controls for internet now available. Eyezy leads the pack when it comes to customizable and effective parental monitoring functionalities. It enables setting appropriate limits on device and internet use by kids based on parental judgment. Install Eyezy now to secure your child’s online safety while allowing healthy digital exposure under your watch.