So, you’ve found my blog LifeDev.net. Odds are you’ve been reading some articles. But upon reading them, there is a little voice in the back of your brain saying “Who is this guy, and who made him king of all things personal development?” Well, I”m glad you asked. The answer: No One.

My name is Glen Stansberry, and all I do is develop websites and learn things along the way. I read books, blogs and websites about productivity, leadership and GTD. I find it very interesting, and realize the benefits of doing things better. Hey, who wouldn’t?

All I’m doing is writing ideas and truths that I’ve found through my life, mainly through putting them into action. So kick back, have some fun, and learn a little in the meantime.

If you need to contact me, use the email info at lifedev dot net.
Enjoy the site!