What Happens When You Block Someone on iPhone?

We all have faced a time when we become tired of goofy messages from friends & relatives. WE WANT TO BLOCK THEM! But then we start to wonder what happens when we block someone on iPhone.

The answer is RELAXING! They don’t get notified, and we can flawlessly relieve ourselves from their bothering text messages and unlimited phone calls.

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You should know that it prevents a contact from being able to reach you through Messages, FaceTime, and Phone apps. All these apps use the same block list and so blocking someone in one app means they will be blocked across all the others.

Despite being blocked, contacts can still attempt to reach out to you; they just won’t get any notifications or alerts that they have been blocked.

What Happens to Messages When You Block Someone on iPhone

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When someone you’ve blocked tries to text you, the message will not be delivered and they won’t receive any notification that they have been blocked. On iPhones, there is a feature known as the iMessage text “status”.

Whenever two users send each other messages, the message status bar will say “Delivered” when the message arrives and the conversation bubbles are blue in color.

If someone has been blocked by another user, their message bubble will turn green and there would be no delivery status for their sent message. This can help people deduce that they have been blocked and generally serves as an indicator of being blocked.

Since iPhone users do not need to verify their identity prior to sending texts, anyone who has your phone number can still try to send you messages even if they know they have been blocked. That means that if someone has made repeated attempts to contact you, it’s possible for them to figure out or guess that you might have blocked them from messaging you.

If you want to ensure that no one can reach out to you without your permission, your best bet is to turn on Do Not Disturb mode which mutes all incoming messages until it’s turned off.

What Happens to Phone Calls When You Block Someone on iPhone

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If you’ve decided to block someone on iPhone, you won’t receive incoming calls, text messages, or FaceTime requests from them. This means that when they try to call your number, their call will automatically be diverted to voicemail, and you won’t get a notification for the voicemail either.

What’s more? The blocked person won’t even appear in your phone’s call log. They may even receive a response from your carrier that your number is busy or unreachable.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways people can stay connected. Blocking someone on an iPhone is an effective way to protect yourself from unwanted communication from others without disconnecting permanently.

By blocking someone on your iPhone device, they will not be able to send you calls or messages and won’t receive a confirmation that their communication has been blocked – so they may think that their message was just not received or their call was just busy.

What Happens to Facetime/Video Calls When You Block Someone on iPhone

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Just like with regular calls and texts, the person who has been blocked won’t be notified that they are blocked when they attempt to get in touch with you via FaceTime. From their end, it will appear as if you didn’t pick up the call.

Their device will keep ringing until the blocked person finally hangs up the call; moreover, unlike with a regular voice call, there won’t be an option for them to leave a voicemail. Any existing audio or video calls with this contact will end automatically when the contact is blocked via FaceTime. Any further attempts to reach you using FaceTime will not even go through.

In addition, if you have blocked someone on Facetime, they won’t be able to send any messages or see your availability status. They won’t be able to know when you were online last or when you read their messages.

So even if your contact has already sent you a message before being blocked by you, those messages won’t be delivered, and they won’t even know about them ever having been sent in the first place.

To block someone on iPhone from contacting you through Facetime, go into Settings > FaceTime > Blocked Contacts and choose the ‘Add New…’ option. Where after entering the name or number of the contact one wishes to block from reaching out via Facetime, it can quickly be done so at any time.

What Happens to Mail & iCloudWhen You Block Someone on iPhone

If you’re looking to block someone on your iPhone, it’s important to understand iOS will automatically block all phone numbers and email addresses associated with that contact. This means the person won’t be able to send you emails from the blocked address in Apple Mail, but those emails will still be visible in your inbox – flagged and accompanied by a “This message is from a sender in your blocked list” notification.

You can also choose to have emails moved directly to Trash via the Blocked Sender Options menu. To do this, go to Settings > Mail > Blocked Sender Options and select Move to Trash in the “Actions” section. It’s also worth noting that blocking someone on your iPhone doesn’t stop them from contacting you through other third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype.

To prevent unwanted messages from reaching you through those mediums, you’ll need to block them separately within the app itself.

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How to Block Someone on iPhone Messages

Do you get annoying telemarketing calls or robocalls on your iPhone? If so, there are several ways to block the person behind them.

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On an iPhone, you can stop Someone from the Phone/Dialer app, the Messages app, FaceTime, the Mail app, and even the Contacts app. 

Block Someone on iPhone from Dialer App

To block a number from the Phone/Dialer app, open it up and select the contact or person you want to stop. 

Scroll down to the bottom of their profile page and hit “Block this Caller” on the confirmation prompt. 

That contact will now be blocked, and you will no longer be able to reach me via phone calls or text messages. 

Block Someone on iPhone from the Messages App

On the Messages app, go to their profile by tapping their name at the top of any conversation thread and select “Info.”

At the bottom of their info page will be two options – “Report Junk” and “Block this Caller.”

By selecting Block, this Caller, their contact information will be removed from all conversations with them and any groups they have been part of in iMessage. They won’t be able to reach you through that either. 

Block Someone on Facetime 

If Someone you know has been bothering or harassing you over FaceTime video or audio calls, there is also a way for you to stop them from contacting you again in this way too. 

From within a FaceTime call window, click on ‘i’ in the top right corner of your screen which will bring up information about that Caller. 

Here there will be an option that says, ‘Block this Caller.’ Selecting this option will ensure that a person is added to your blocked contacts list and can no longer communicate with you through FaceTime. 

Block Someone from Apple’s built-in Mail application 

If Someone continues sending emails despite having been blocked through all other means mentioned above, it’s recommended to use Apple’s built-in Mail application blocking feature.

Users need to open up the email message sent by that particular sender, tap ‘Report Junk’ at the bottom right corner of the main application screen, and select ‘Block Contact.’

This method should eliminate communication from unwanted contacts across all Apple apps such as Messages & FaceTime etc.!

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Blocking a Number Means Exercising Your Right to Privacy

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Don’t feel guilty when you decide to block someone on your iPhone. It can be a powerful way to protect yourself from dangerous or toxic individuals, without the person knowing. Blocking someone does not send a notification, so they won’t even know that you have blocked them until they try and contact you in some way.

Most of us are very familiar with blocking robocalls, spam texts, and other annoying messages we receive daily. It seems as though our phone numbers have become public information, and it is often difficult to determine exactly how they got into the hands of these people.

Unfortunately, current regulations on such activities are quite useless and enforcement of these requirements can be tricky. Most of us just deal with it as part of modern life in the 21st century.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace though, so hopefully, in the near future more sophisticated phone vetting programs will be available that can filter out most spam calls or texts before they even reach us.