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Photo by the half-blood prince There’s a Chinese restaurant called the Panda Garden that my family used to frequent every Sunday. I recently read in a paper that it had been voted one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lawrence annually. That’s pretty impressive, considering there are a slew of Chinese restaurants in the college […]

Photo by Stephen Poff Post by Karl Staib of Work Happy Now. Our thoughts gravitate toward problems. It’s natural, but it’s usually a waste of energy and a stress-inducer. Whether it’s a customer who hasn’t returned your call or a co-worker who is always slow in getting his reports to you, it’s the little things […]

Today is an exciting day. We’re officially re-launching a pre-sale on the Making Web Video That Sells toolkit. Confused? Yeah, me too. So, in one of my major bonehead, palm-to-forehead moves, I tweeted about the fact that Making Web Video That Sells toolkit was live for pre-launch. Then I heard crickets. Why? Because I tweeted […]

Photo by Mr T. in DC Post by Jason D Barr. “It wasn’t that I was able to persevere. I was unable to stop! I just couldn’t give it up. It was just too important. It never entered the realm of possibility. But, I never was sure, really sure, that it was going to work […]

Photo by laszlo-photo Ever have one of those days where everything you touch seems to break? I had one of those last week. In a period of 24 hours, my dishwasher broke car battery died (we only have one car) air conditioner broke (it’s currently 94F, but feels like 102F with Kansas humidity) dryer stopped […]

Photo by AmUnivers Ah yes. It’s almost officially Summer, and hopefully things are starting to slow down for you. Summer is the time for barbecues, baseball games, vacations, going to the lake or pool, and in general having more fun. Or at least that’s what it used to be. Thanks to the ever increasing connectivity […]

Photo by dawvon Post by Ibrahim Husain. Follow him on Twitter. One thing that I push my readers to experience is living proactively instead of reactively. A prolific lifestyle is one where you create your own opportunity, you take responsibility for your life and you go into your world and shape it into what you […]

As I sit listening to the rain pound on the Denver airport windows, I can’t help but compare my work spaces in the past couple of days. You’ll recall that one week ago I was typing happily in a serene location. Today: not so much. Working by a scenic stream in northern California, exactly one […]

Photo by Pear Biter I’m typing this post from the porch sunny Sacramento ranch. My fiancee is a bridesmaid in a wedding, and I was lucky enough to tag along for the ride. A peacock is nonchalantly grazing not three feet from me, and I’m sitting next to a babbling brook typing away, amazed at […]

Last updated: December 17, 2014 Photo by celeste The public library is a phenomena that to this day I still can’t get over. Free knowledge, for anyone. Literally, anyone. I can’t think of an equivalent other than going to a clothing store, “checking out” an outfit, wearing the outfit and returning it in four weeks, […]

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