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It’s funny sometimes how sensitive we are about our weaknesses. Nobody wants to admit they have any, yet everyone knows they do. And believe me, if you think you don’t have any, people around you will surely find some. Anyone else seen the initial tryouts to American Idol each season? There is no shortage of […]

Here are some great links to check out in your free time this weekend. I found all of these over at the popular pages. It’s pretty interesting stuff… but then again would I point you to anything that wasn’t? :) Hipster PDA Templates “Inspired by Laurent Baumann’s brilliant Flat WhiteBezel icon set, the templates […]

There’s a cool GTD web app that I’ve played around with called iCommit. It’s pretty interesting actually. It’s a little hard to understand at first, but once you get the hang of iCommit, it makes sense. Anywho, they’re apparently coming out with version 3 (they’re on version 2 right now), and it looks pretty sweet. […]

Here’s a simple yet creative cartoon for your viewing pleasure.

As I David Seah wrestle with his productivity, I can’t help but empathize with him. I’ve thought that if I could just find the **magical combination of workflow tools **, I could get more into a habit of being productive and be relaxed and happy. I know I tend toward impulsive behavior, so creating systems […] is such an easy todo list/writeboard application.  There’s nothing to it (almost literally).  It was built with the goal of keeping distractions limited.  There’s nothing flashy about this application at all.  The only ajax that’s used is the ability to drag and drop your list items. You can start creating todo lists without any […]

Van’s got a simple and cheap way to keep your desk clean for under $35. Don’t believe me? Well 2,000 rabid Diggers can’t be wrong. That’s the best part about being a geek: you can always find a cheaper, more efficient way of doing something, instead of paying for the packaged version at Office Depot. […]

Sorry for the alliteration folks. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to keep that at a minimum in the future. I recently had the pleasure of checking out MindMeister, a mind mapping service that rivals the likes of Mindmeister is great for anyone wanting to quickly dump their thoughts or ideas into graphical […]

Since it’s Friday, and we usually like to keep things pretty casual around here, I thought I’d post a quirky screenshot of LifeDev’s traffic for yesterday, according to Alexa (click to get a better view). Apparently, we’re not that popular of a blog, with yesterday’s reach at 0.00055%. And I thought it had been a […]

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