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How to Read a Book – Book Review

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren is THE classic text on reading thoughtfully. Is it still worth reading, even though it was last updated in 1972?

Photo by heimet13. So your career just isn’t living up to its hype. Maybe it’s the workplace or maybe it’s you, but something has to change. This is common. I’ve gone through this problem quite a few times. When I graduated from college I was raring to go. My first job was in the valve… Read more

Interviews in Creativity is a new series where Jacqueline Wolven chats with creatives to see what helps them stay motivated, organized and how they get work done. Belly dancing, prairie crafts, and Nancy Drew – for the uninitiated that might seem like a very odd combination, but for Jennifer Worick it is all in a… Read more

Hey all, Since it’s Friday, I thought it would be cool to let you see a sneak-peak of the excellent theme that Grace designed for my new blog Web Jackalope. I’m still working out some small kinks, but it’s live on the site. Let me know what you think!

Photo by Shermeee. If you’re like me, (a big honkin’ dork), your definition of fun is a little bit different than everyone else’s. For example, I became giddy today because I realized that I had some free time set aside to learn Django, a Python framework. I’m starting a fun little project to create a… Read more

Photo by SeraphimC When a new creative project starts people typically take two approaches. They will either get working on it right away if they have the time (or are excited by it) or push it off till right before the deadline. Neither strategy will allow you to be at your creative best. Instead I… Read more

Photo by leedsyorkshire. Post by Carolyn Heacock. You’re clipping along at a pretty good pace. Everything is falling into place. You’re feeling great about your current project and then, suddenly, without any warning, you hit a roadblock. Circumstances beyond your control prevent you from making any more progress. Through no fault of your own, you’re… Read more

By Chuck Frey Photo by quartermane. Want to become a better creative problem solver? One of the most productive tools you can use to solve problems and generate great ideas is mind mapping software. Simply put, this type of software enables you to capture your ideas in a unique, highly visual way: Your current project… Read more

If you’ve been to the site recently, you’ll notice that there’s a lot less posting activity with the site. This is partially because I’ve accepted the position as FreelanceSwitch’s editor, and also because I’ve been writing for Smashing Magazine. As I’ve been getting the hang of all the new responsibilities, posting frequency has taken a… Read more

Photo by dhammza. Sites like Digg, Reddit and Delicious are great for generating ideas. There is no shortage of creative ideas and ways to frame information than what makes to the front page of these sites. Most people think that social media sites are only useful for finding what the latest news is. While that… Read more

Photo by macropolos Creativity is something that’s not easily contained. In fact, it’s contagious. When creative people start putting their heads together, some amazing things happen. It’s a rare occasion when an incredible idea is solely created by one person. Yet, it can be hard to let go of our ideas. Just as parents with… Read more

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