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WorkHack: Really Simple Writeboards

Workhack.com is such an easy todo list/writeboard application.  There’s nothing to it (almost literally).  It was built with the goal of keeping distractions limited.  There’s nothing flashy about this application at all.  The only ajax that’s used is the ability to drag and drop your list items.

You can start creating todo lists without any login even, and it saves your list revisions with a specific URI that you can bookmark for later use.  You can prioritze your items with the low, medium and high settings, and it color coding them appropriately.


You can’t create contexts, tags, share lists or anything of the sort.  It’s refreshingly bare-bones for the user who’s typically overwhelmed with options.  Just add your list and get on with it already!

It’s too early to tell the direction the WorkHack will take, but for me right now it’s a little too minimal for my tastes.  But if you want a writeboard with no frills, I highly suggest you check it out.