Visual Pathways – Interview with author Michael Kribus

The author of Visual Pathways explains this new productivity system.

Susan NYC How much time do you spend on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites? It’s estimated that Robert Scoble spent over 2,555 hours on Friendfeed and Twitter in 2008, which is way more than a normal full-time job (2,000 hours). Photo by Thomas Hawk Robert has essentially worked a full-time job with overtime… Read more

Photo by Twm™ Robots are wonderful machines. There are times like today where I look at all that has to be done and wish I could flip a switch and turn into a robot. I could fly through all that I have to do, in less than a fraction of the time. How? With my… Read more

Photo by Anthony DeLorenzo Let’s see a show of hands: Anyone in the audience tried to sell something online, but failed miserably? (Here’s to hoping I’m not the only one with my hand raised….) We launched the Making Web Video that Sells toolkit a while back to a “meh” reaction. This floored me. I had… Read more

Photo by pedrosimoes7 Guest post by Mr. Self Development. Everything that exists has a purpose. My computer has a purpose, my shoes have a purpose, my watch has a purpose, if I had a dog, he or she would have a purpose, and most importantly, you have a purpose. You showed up on this planet… Read more

Photo by khalid almasoud What do you do in the morning that inspires you? Creativity depends on hard-nosed routines, but also needs to be inspired on a regular basis. I’m definitely a morning person, so a lot of my inspiration comes in the AM. Here are a few things I do to ensure I’m getting… Read more

Photo by You can have what you want or need without the cash to cover it. The only requirement is ingenuity, the willingness to put yourself out there and a genuine desire to create win-win situations. There are people everywhere who can’t pay for things they would gladly receive. Things you have the means… Read more

Photo by joshbousel I’ll be the first to admit it: I’ve become pretty jaded. I receive emails every week to review some new life-changing productivity software/system/tool that will most certainly change my life.While all of these tools mean well, 99% miss on the most important part of product management. Simplicity. I’ve reviewed dozens of productivity… Read more

Photo by Stephen Poff In our Western culture, we’ve been educated out of our creativity, sponteneity and genius by being taught that, in order to make progress, we need to do more research, get more information, and learn more skills. We’ve been taught that wisdom is about adding knowledge, and our innate wisdom, creativity and… Read more

Photo by the half-blood prince There’s a Chinese restaurant called the Panda Garden that my family used to frequent every Sunday. I recently read in a paper that it had been voted one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lawrence annually. That’s pretty impressive, considering there are a slew of Chinese restaurants in the college… Read more

Photo by Stephen Poff Post by Karl Staib of Work Happy Now. Our thoughts gravitate toward problems. It’s natural, but it’s usually a waste of energy and a stress-inducer. Whether it’s a customer who hasn’t returned your call or a co-worker who is always slow in getting his reports to you, it’s the little things… Read more

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