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What Would Happen If You Took Thursday and Friday Off?

I was reading a seemingly harmless post by Tim Ferriss about his latest TV appearances (remember that guy?), and at the end of the post he asks a very hard question.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you arranged to take Thursday and/or Friday off?

Typically, most people’s Fridays aren’t that productive (mine included), so I can understand taking Fridays off.  But Thursdays as well? That’s just crazy talk.

But is it? Tim did it.  And really, if anyone has any excuse not take 2 days off at the end of a work week, it’s Tim.  The man is promoting a best-selling book, yet he knows that his physical/emotional/mental needs are more important in the long run, and plans a little excursion to Costa Rica.

Let’s take a lesson from Tim.  The least we can do is to take the weekend off. Make the rest of this weekend as stress-free as possible and enjoy it.  Unplug for a day or two, and come back refreshed.