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Michael over at Black Belt Productivity has a great post on when Lifehacking becomes more of a burden than a help. Ironically enough, it’s when you’re trying too hard to hone your system of organization. I’m guilty as anybody here. I’m constantly checking out, reviewing, changing, upgrading and switching my system. I try out new […]

When little kids hear the word “Christmas”, one of the automatic word associations is “gifts”. Sure, you’ve got “Frosty” and “Rudolph” and “Santa”, but those are just afterthoughts. The core of Christmas is GIFTS. Yet they’re never associated with giving. We all know how it works. You ask Santa for what you want, and hope […]

According to BusinessWeek, Nike and Deloitte Consulting are encouraging their employees to take a power nap.  It’s about time! Today, Nike and Deloitte Consulting are among those that encourage employees to add a midday snooze to their to-do lists. Sleep scientist Sara Mednick applauds this trend. Mednick, a researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological […]

Kudos to Michael Sampson on giving us a healthy reminder not to use our next action list as a project management system. We’ve all done it: we’ve used our to-do lists to house everything we’ll need to finish a project. But this makes our lists increasingly bulky. And nobody likes looking at a long list […]

There’s a great post by Kathy Sierra on the effects of being “always connected” with applications like email, IM and more specifically Twitter. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a service that allows you to tell the world what you’re doing all the time. It’s like a tiny blog letting people know […]

So LifeDev has been accepted into b5Media, one of the largest (maybe the largest?) blog network in the cosmos. LifeDev will be camping out in the business channel over there, joining the ranks of great blogs like Slacker Manager, PimpYourWork, and Brian Clark’s famous Copyblogger. I couldn’t be happier. Why did I decide on b5? […]

Wishing that you could see your Backpack data when you’re not online?  Check out PackRat, (Mac only) the Backpack sync-er for your computer and Backpack.  Access and change your lists, events, and now reminders offline, and upon re-establishing connection, it all syncs up.  Brilliant. And that’s not all: there are going to be some big […]

I recently have been checking out the various “list” programs via Techcrunch that allow you to save items to your list, in hopes that your friends and family will buy what you want for a change. No more weird coffee mugs, no more sweaters that your dog wouldn’t wear. Now there will be no excuse […]

LifeClever has outlined two ways to quickly utilize, the popular social bookmarking service. Mmmmm. The coolest IMHO is the brilliant Quicksilver implementation.  I get a warm fuzzy every time I hear of a new implementation on how to use the brilliant Mac program.  (Considering this is coming from a Windows user, it should be […]

Yes, it’s true. And scientists can’t explain why either. But according to a study in 1998, you can reset your brain’s sleep-wave clock. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds mysterious and interesting. There are 39 other useful sleep facts over at the National Sleep Research Project if this piques your interest. […]

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