6 Months with Complice: A Review

Learn about a tool for self-directed work in this Complice review

Downtown Port-Au-Prince after the massive earthquake in Haiti. My friends Carolyn and Doug are incredible people, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked up to two people more. Doug and Carolyn work in a church, and if you’ve ever worked in a church you know that all kinds of needy people use (and abuse) the… Read more

Photo by Anna Fischer I finished Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! a while back, and surprisingly, I was a big fan. Nothing against @garyvee or course, it’s just that I had feared the book would mostly be an instructional for sites like YouTube. I was dead wrong. While the book does have beginner training on technologies… Read more

Photo by seanmcgrath If anything, let 2010 mark the point in time where we stop relying on “experts”. Gone. Buh-bye. You see, the experts get us into trouble. They provide “insights” to guide our way when we think we don’t know the answer. Or they tell us we’re wrong. It never fails to amaze me… Read more

Photo by Oncle Tom It’s really simple: You can’t become an expert until you’ve failed at something. Yet it’s funny how people with authoritative titles never talk about their mistakes. In fact, it’s a taboo. We want to put our trust in someone who’s more of an “expert” than us. It makes us feel safe… Read more

Post by Oleg Mokhov. Photo by alterna2 Want to unleash your creative genius? Take a lesson from a band that knows a thing or two about creating remarkable work: Radiohead. Love ’em or hate ’em, Radiohead are a major and remarkable band – especially their ’97 magnum opus OK Computer, a creative, critical, and commercial… Read more

Photo by pseudothoughts My brother had an interesting job over the holiday season: selling fireworks. Fireworks are incredibly popular in the South on New Years, and every year a caravan of his friends goes to work a firework tent in Alabama. It gives them a chance to get away and make some quick money over… Read more

Photo by jared I can’t even begin to count how many posts I jot down that I never finish. Some sit and rot in an ideas file for the rest of their life, and that’s as far as they get. Others get as far as a few paragraphs, even up to a nearly finished post… Read more

Post by Tim Brownson. Photo by Stephen Poff There are any number of books, magazines and blogs out there that are happy to tell you that you must follow your passion in your work to be really and truly fulfilled. I’m here today to tell you, they’re all wrong. I must admit that until fairly… Read more

Photo by windy sydney Feeling a little stuck today getting started? Maybe you’re spending too much time doing one (or more) or these: organizing testing preparing collecting analyzing measuring thinking tweaking practicing assessing questioning experimenting even brainstorming While all of these things have their merits (and should be done at some point), they’re usually the… Read more

Breakfast and goal planning. It’s currently 7am on the day after Christmas. The restaurant I’m currently eating breakfast at has decided to shut down because of the continued snow fall that has rocked the Midwest both yesterday and today. It’s nasty out here. We did get a white Christmas though, which doesn’t happen very often.… Read more

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