Best NoSleep Stories

15 Best NoSleep Stories From Reddit To Keep You Awake

Do you love a good thrill ride? If so, you need to check out some of the best NoSleep stories shared on Reddit!

Whether it’s something creepy that keeps you turning the pages with fear or just a fun and entertaining story, these tales have been keeping people up at night for years.

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From hauntings to monsters lurking in our dreams, this list will give you 15 of the best ones that will keep you wide-eyed until morning.

But be forewarned! Read them at your own risk because they can be pretty unsettling!

Best NoSleep Stories

NoSleep stories are horror tales that were initially posted on the online forum Reddit. These tales are written as a first-person narrative, usually involving supernatural entities or other strange phenomena.

The stories range from subtle horror to terrifyingly intense and often include some plot twist ending. NoSleep stories have become one of the most popular genres of fiction on Reddit and have been featured in various media outlets such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

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They have also been adapted into an audio drama series and an anthology film entitled Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. NoSleep stories have a unique style that sets them apart from other horror genres; they often include psychological thriller elements and suspense while focusing primarily on fear and dread.

As such, they can often be very unsettling and leave readers feeling uncomfortable or disturbed by the end.

“Penpal” by Dathan Auerbach

One of the best NoSleep stories from Reddit is “Penpal” by Dathan Auerbach. It chronicles a young man’s journey to uncover the dark secrets surrounding his childhood friend and possible murderer.

The protagonist narrates in first-person, recalling snippets of his life that eventually lead him to find clues that point towards an alarming discovery. The story is filled with suspense, twists, and unexpected moments that keep readers on their toes until the end.

It masterfully blends horror into a realistic setting, creating a captivating atmosphere that engages readers until its shocking conclusion. This story will have you up at night as it will keep you awake with its thrilling plot and immersive writing style.

With its intense action and scary scenes, this is one of the best NoSleep stories from Reddit to keep you up late.

“The Spire in the Woods” by Tony Lunedi

The Spire in the Woods is a horror story about friends who venture into the woods near their small town and find an ancient, mysterious spire. As they explore it, they start to experience a range of strange phenomena, including hearing mysterious whispers and feeling like they’re being watched. They soon realize that something sinister is lurking in the depths of the spire and must face whatever dangers lie within if they want to escape alive.

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The Spire in the Woods is an intense horror story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats throughout the narrative. It’s filled with tension and terror as the characters explore and battle whatever forces haunt this ancient structure.

Lunedi does an excellent job of building suspense by slowly revealing more and more about what lies beneath. This builds to an incredible climax that will leave readers wanting more!

All in all, The Spire in the Woods is one of Reddit’s best NoSleep stories and is an absolute must-read for fans of horror fiction.

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“Feed the Pig” by Matt Dymerski

“Feed the Pig” is one of the best NoSleep stories from Reddit to keep you awake. Written by Matt Dymerski, this horror story follows a young couple, Jack and Lucy, who stumbles upon an old piggy bank in their new home’s attic.

Every time they feed it coins, it fills up with money – however, strange events start around the house as they become more obsessed with the piggy bank. They begin hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, and experiencing unexplainable events.

As their curiosity leads them closer and closer to uncovering the terrifying truth behind the mysterious piggy bank, readers are kept on edge, wondering what will happen next.

With its suspenseful plot and unexpected twists, “Feed The Pig” is one of Reddit’s top NoSleep stories that is sure to leave you wide-eyed and terrified throughout its entirety.

Something Walks Whistling Past My House Every Night At 3:03

Every night, something walks past a house at 3:03 am, whistling. The mysterious figure has become a source of curiosity for whoever lives in the house and their neighbors, who have never been able to discover the identity of this person or the reason for their nightly visits.

This story is an intriguing mystery that captures the imagination and spooks the reader with its night-time setting and unknown protagonist.

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It also encourages readers to think about who could be passing by every night and why they are doing so, leaving them with plenty of questions that add to its suspenseful atmosphere.

As such, it is one of Reddit’s 15 best NoSleep stories to keep you awake and bring chills down your spine!

The Black Square by u/M59Gar

The Black Square by u/M59Gar is one of the best sleep stories on Reddit. It tells the story of friends who find a mysterious black square in an abandoned building and soon realize it has demonic powers.

Exploring the court further, they uncover dark secrets and horrifying truths about its origins and influence over them. The suspenseful atmosphere and haunting imagery make this a must-read story for anyone looking for a creepy, chilling experience.

They soon discover this mysterious artifact has strange powers that can manipulate their thoughts and feelings, leading to terrifying consequences for all involved.

As they dig deeper into the mystery surrounding the square, they uncover more horrors, such as horrifying visions and strange entities with unknown motives.

“Psychosis” by Matt Dymerski

One of the top stories is by Matt Dymerski, titled ‘Psychosis‘. It follows the story of four friends in psychosis after a game night gone wrong. The story follows each character battling their demons and struggling to stay sane. With its vivid descriptions, terrifying plot twists, and chilling atmospheres, this horror story has garnered plenty of attention from readers.

What makes ‘Psychosis’ stand out is its unique blend of horror, mystery, and psychological themes that leave readers guessing until the end. It also explores how mental illness can affect one’s life and drastically change one’s personality and behavior.

It provides insight into how far people can go when pushed to their limits. Dymerski’s writing style is captivating, which only adds to the suspenseful effects of his story. All in all, ‘Psychosis’ is a must-read for any fan of horror or suspense stories, as it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page!

“The Midnight Game” by HallowQueen

The Midnight Game by Halloween is one of Reddit’s best no-sleep stories to keep you awake. This chilling tale tells the story of a game played by brave enough to invoke the Midnight Man. The player enters their home at midnight, lights a candle, and places it on the floor before them.

After that, they must draw three circles around them with salt and chant an ancient rhyme three times. According to legend, if you complete all of these steps correctly, a creature known as the Midnight Man will appear in your home and hunt you for the next three hours.


The story follows an unnamed teenage girl brave enough to attempt to play this game. She goes through all the steps correctly, but her courage quickly fades when she hears something scratching at her door.

What follows is a terrifyingly suspenseful hour-long game where she must hide and avoid capture by the Midnight Man while ensuring not to extinguish her candle flame. With each passing second, her fear intensifies. Finally, she succeeds in outrunning him – or does she?

The Midnight Game is an intense read with plenty of jump scares that will leave readers feeling spooked even after reading. It’s one of those stories that stays with you long after you finish reading it. Even if you don’t believe in its mythical premise, there’s still something alarming about being hunted by an unknown force – unable to predict what it will do next or react when faced with danger.

With its tight pacing and vivid descriptions, this story is a must-read for anyone looking for a real thrill!

“The Mummer Man” by u/bloodstains

The Mummer Man tells the story of a young man who, after experiencing a traumatic event, finds himself inexplicably drawn back to the same rural area he had grown up in. As he walks along the roads, strange figures linger in his path, some akin to ghosts and others as mysterious as human forms.

He uncovers long-buried secrets about his past and ultimately confronts the titular character: an otherworldly being known only as The Mummer Man. With horror, tension, and mystery around every corner, readers will stay up late trying to solve this sinister tale.

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The Mummer Man is a fantastic horror story that manages to be both profoundly unsettling and thought-provoking simultaneously. It explores both the physical and psychological effects of trauma while providing its own unique spin on classic horror tropes.

With plenty of twists and turns throughout its pages, it’s sure to keep readers guessing until the last paragraph. It’s one of the best NoSleep stories from Reddit that will keep you in suspense!