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Interruptions are the bane of productivity, whether they come from other co-workers or your environment. While a distractive environment can severely hamper your ability to focus (email pop-ups in your taskbar, loud music, etc.), other people can be the biggest causes for a lapse in productivity. Part of the interruptions are mandatory, but a culture […]

As I sit by the window working this afternoon, I can’t help but notice how perfect it is working inside of a cozy office while outside it’s cold, dark and rainy. There could only be one thing that could possibly make this working day more enjoyable: a hot cup of tea. So, as I get […]

There’s a great GTD recap over at the Polar Beer.  It was quite refreshing to go over a condensed section that was closest to my heart: Getting Projects Creatively Underway. In our quest for mastering the GTD principles, it sometimes seems that mapping out every single nitpicky action for a project is a little overkill.  […]

Writing at LifeDev has given me many things to be thankful for. I just want to take a minute to stop and say thanks to some people who have made this all worth my while, before the tryptophan sinks in and I’m watching football. First off, to the loyal readers. You guys always respond to […]

By beginning your next actions with verbs, you’ve instantly honed in on what it is you’ll be doing. Yet sometimes it’s just not that easy to give an appropriate action with a standard, blah verb. Enter 43Folders to the rescue. Merlin’s got a killer list of action verbs and project verbs to use when making […]

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. “- Teddy Roosevelt Resourcefulness is really just another word for creativity.  It’s how you get something done.  Many times the difference between failure and success in a project is whether or not you were resourceful in getting the job done. Many times people don’t […]

Heh… did I get you? I didn’t mean the actual Thanksgiving Day tradition will make you live longer. Rather, actual acts of thanksgiving will increase your lifespan. A Better You Blog cites statistics from 2000 that being thankful is actually beneficial to your health. One further reason is that research shows it is beneficial to […]

WorkingProgram has a new Outlook add-in called Qlockwork that helps you keep track of your time online by the tool you’re using. Interestingly, you don’t need to do anything other than install it and it starts tracking 5-minute segments of your day. While this is a cool concept and I like the fact that it […]

Making your right side of the brain work in tandem with your left side of the brain is hard work. Trying to mix creativity with procedures and orders usually goes together about as well as oil and water. For most people, the left side of the brain is what’s used most in our orderly, bullet-point […]

Quicksilver is a great Mac app for smartly launching any application based on your preferences. In short: less clicks, more action. It can even do web searches. Now you can include killer GTD functionality with Quicksilver via Actiontastic integration. One of the most basic tenets of GTD is brain dumping; getting all those projects and […]

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