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Funniest Out Of Office Messages: 30 Hilarious Lines

In the fast-paced world of work, it’s important to carve out time for a little humor, especially when you’re stepping away from the office. Out of office (OOO) messages don’t have to be the standard, mundane text; they can be a source of a good chuckle for your colleagues and clients. This guide explores the 30 funniest out of office messages that can leave a lasting impression even when you’re not there to do it yourself. These funniest out of office messages serve as a delightful reminder that we’re all human and sometimes, a good laugh is just what we need to break the monotony of daily work emails.

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30 Most Hilarious Out of Office Messages

  1. On a Treasure Hunt: “I am currently out of the office on a treasure hunt. Will return once I find the lost city of gold or on [return date], whichever comes first.”
  2. Alien Abduction: “I have been abducted by aliens but expect to negotiate my return by [date]. For urgent matters, please contact my earthling colleague at [contact].”
  3. Time Traveling: “I’ve time-traveled to the past to see if the chicken really did come before the egg. Will be back in the office on [date], unless I get stuck in the Jurassic period.”
  4. Batman’s Sidekick: “Gotham City needs me, and I’ve been called to be Batman’s sidekick for a week. Expect me back in the office on [date], if the Joker allows it.”
  5. Chasing Unicorns: “Currently out of the office chasing unicorns. I’ll respond to your email if I catch one or when I’m back on [return date].”
  6. In a Food Coma: “Currently in a food coma. Will wake up and return to work on [date]. Please refrain from sending any food pictures to avoid relapse.”
  7. On a Secret Mission: “I am on a secret mission and will be back in the office on [date]. For urgent matters, use the bat signal or email my colleague.”
  8. Becoming a Jedi: “Training to be a Jedi, I am. Back in the office, I will be on [return date]. May the force be with you.”
  9. Hogwarts Student: “Currently attending Hogwarts. In case of urgent owls, please contact [colleague’s name]. Back on [return date], unless detained by a Whomping Willow.”
  10. Lost in Narnia: “I walked into a wardrobe and ended up in Narnia. I’ll be back once I find my way out or on [return date].”
  11. Chasing a Roadrunner: “Out of office chasing a roadrunner. Meep-meep! Will return on [date], unless the coyote catches me first.”
  12. On a Coffee Quest: “On a quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. I’ll return once my mission is complete or on [date].”
  13. Building a LEGO Empire: “Building a LEGO empire; will return when my kingdom is complete or on [return date].”
  14. Learning to Fly: “Taking flying lessons from Peter Pan. I’ll be back in the office on [date], if I don’t fly away to Neverland.”
  15. In a Netflix Marathon: “Caught in a Netflix marathon. Will come up for air and return to the office on [date].”
  16. Becoming a Pirate: “Ahoy! I’ve joined a pirate crew. I’ll return with my treasure (or just myself) on [date].”
  17. Chasing Rainbows: “Out chasing rainbows. I’ll return when I find the pot of gold or on [return date].”
  18. Camping in the Wild: “Out camping in the wild. Will return once I’ve learned how to start a fire without matches, or on [date].”
  19. On a Donut Diet: “On a strict donut diet and unable to access emails. Will return once I’ve had my fill, or on [date].”
  20. Binge-watching Cat Videos: “Currently binge-watching cat videos. Will claw my way back to the office on [return date].”
  21. Searching for Atlantis: “I’ve embarked on a journey to find Atlantis. Expected back on [date], unless I actually find it.”
  22. Learning Elvish: “Currently learning Elvish. Navaer! (Goodbye in Elvish). Will return on [date].”
  23. Playing Hide and Seek: “I’m in an intense game of hide and seek. I’ll respond when I’m found or on [return date].”
  24. Becoming a Wizard: “Out learning wizardry. Will return to the office on [date], hopefully with new spells.”
  25. Stuck in a Video Game: “Stuck in a video game. Will be back in the office once I defeat the final boss or on [return date].”
  26. On a Yoga Retreat: “At a yoga retreat finding my inner zen. Will return more flexible and less stressed on [date].”
  27. Inventing a New Language: “I’m out of the office inventing a new language. Will respond in said language upon my return on [date].”
  28. Searching for Bigfoot: “Currently on an expedition to find Bigfoot. Will return on [date], with or without evidence.”
  29. At Hogwarts Quidditch Match: “Watching a Quidditch match at Hogwarts. Back in the office on [return date], unless I catch the Golden Snitch.”
  30. Hibernating: “I’m a bear and I’m hibernating. Do not disturb until [return date].”
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Injecting humor into your out of office messages can not only lighten the mood but also make you memorable. These funniest out of office messages add a personal touch, showcasing your creativity and reminding everyone that we all deserve a good laugh. Whether you’re on a fantastical adventure or simply enjoying your time off, a witty OOO message can make the wait for your return a little more enjoyable for your colleagues and clients. So next time you plan to be away, consider leaving a humorous out-of-office reply that brings a smile to those who reach out to you.