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How to Read a Book – Book Review

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren is THE classic text on reading thoughtfully. Is it still worth reading, even though it was last updated in 1972?

I love the idea of persistence.  It’s an intriguing concept.  Many times people come up short in achieving their goals because they can see the big picture, but they don’t see all the little details that go into achieving something.  That’s why I’m such a proponent of GTD.  GTD allows you to break down your… Read more

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog has a nice comparison complete with charts that show the differences between online mind-mapping applications.  The article focuses on four of the most popular mapping software: Mindomo,, Mindmeister and Thinkature. I think my favorite is still, but that’s probably because I’ve played with it most.  What’s your favorite… Read more

Stikkit evangelist Brett Kelly of Cranking Widgets Blog has just launched a windows tool that allows you to post stikkits from your desktop. Fire up WinStikker, type in some text for a new Stikkit (just like you would through the website), and click “Stikkit!”. It’s that easy, folks. If you’re the kind of person who… Read more

Mark at Productivity501 has a great post outlining how to convince your boss to let you work from home. Here’s some of the statistics he uses to back up his hefty proposal. According to the 2003 Census report, the average commute time is 38 minutes each way for some parts of the country. That is… Read more

Highrise, the 37Signals latest production, has just launched.  Highrise is a nifty little online contact manager.   With Highrise you can: Share contacts and personal info with others in your organization Assign tasks for contacts and reminders that can be sent to your mobile phone Keep a full history of all the interactions you make with… Read more

Behance :: Tip: Laying Your Energy Line The Energy Line is a simple mechanism to graphically display energy allocation. A simple line starting at “Idle” and going up to “Extreme” is drawn along a cork or dry erase board. Then write the names of all of your major projects on small cards. Place t (tags:… Read more

ThinkingRock – Thinking Rock allows you to collect your thoughts and process them into actions, projects, information or future possibilities. Matt’s Idea Blog: Five secret filing hacks from the masters – RIP Twitter (2007-2007) « web1979 – Predicting Twitter’s imminent death. I have to say, I kind of agree more than disagree. Digg – Turn… Read more

Alex Shalman is running a contest to benefit a charity.  For each link he receives to his site, he’s going to donate one dollar to a charity.  The choice of charity will be determined by a random winner on April 15th.  He’s willing to pony up $500 towards a good cause.  There is one rule… Read more

Brain Food – Eat For Productivity – (tags: productivity health nutrition) zen habits: Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT) Picking that one task per day that you need to get done (tags: goals lifehacks) :: welcome to slacker central nifty personalized radio stations like pandora and (tags: music player radio) The… Read more

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