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How to Read a Book – Book Review

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren is THE classic text on reading thoughtfully. Is it still worth reading, even though it was last updated in 1972?

Photo by macropoulos Being a writer, or in any creative profession, means you’re heavily reliant on a creative “something” to get you going, and give you the impetus you need to get working. Once the creative juices get flowing, you’re sailing through your work; when that creativity isn’t there, it can be hard to get… Read more

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Photo by moria. I have this old, ugly, dirt brown sweater that I have handed down from my grandfather or uncle. I absolutely love this sweater, and I’m pretty certain that it helps my writing. If you saw the sweater yourself, you might match the type to one a kindly old college professor would wear.… Read more

More often than not, the hardest part of finishing the project isn’t starting, it’s actually putting in the work every day. While starting can be intimidating, it’s the knowledge of knowing that there’s a huge mountain of stuff that has to happen before the project is completed. I’m currently working on a project that always… Read more

I was recently reminded of how important it is in the lifecycle of an idea to actually share the idea. When you can correctly put into words (or letters if you’re typing) the main thrust of what you’ve conceived, it helps to really process the idea. You can’t fully understand the idea until you’ve tried… Read more

Conventional wisdom says that your best work is done when all of your resources are focused on a single project. Right? Well, that’s never worked for me. I’ve never been able to just work on one project for a single day (or afternoon, for that matter), without losing focus or getting plain bored with what… Read more

So, I’m going to be brutally honest. I’ve been getting burned out writing at LifeDev. It’s not because I don’t enjoy the writing, or the wonderful people who visit my blog. It’s that I’ve had a slew of ideas that I’m trying to work on, and when my plate is filled, it seems that LifeDev… Read more

Interviews in Creativity is a new series where Jacqueline Wolven chats with creatives to see what helps them stay motivated, organized and how they get work done. Jamie Ridler is captivated by life and creativity and now; as a life coach, Nia barefoot workout instructor and life enthusiast she is sharing her gifts through multiple… Read more

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