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Action Method Online

About a year and a half ago I first wrote about Behance and their Action Method product line. I’ve been using it this past year and a half and love it. So you can imagine my giddiness when approached by the Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, to try out a super-secret version of their online version of the Action Method.


The Action Method online is by far the simplest, most versatile and fun project management systems ever. In just a few short weeks it has won me over, and the people in my teams will be using it to work on our projects. It’s that good.

Now would be a good time to mention that this blog has since moved to focusing on how creative people get things done and develop ideas, but this application is still inline with that focus. If you don’t know anything about Behance, their motto is “Make Ideas Happen”. It’s one of my favorite mottos in the entire world. (Alongside “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff”, naturally.)

I can tell you right now that in terms of a project management application, the Action Method completely raises the bar. It’s head and shoulders above the likes of Basecamp or any other collaboration applications. Why? Because it’s a total project manager. Let me explain.

A Place for Everything

The Action Method is based on these five elements:

  1. Action steps
  2. References
  3. Backburners
  4. Discussions
  5. Events

Essentially, the Action Method takes care of every aspect of project communication, collaboration and organization. But that’s not my favorite part about the service.

Have It Your Way

The best part about Action Method Online is that you don’t have to conform to a style or method. The organization is based on how you want to configure it. You can organize projects by just about any criteria, and you don’t have to worry about your team members getting bent out of shape on using your system. It’s a beautiful thing.

Excessive Sharing

Another aspect I’ve fallen in love with is the ability to share nearly anything that I put into the Action Method system with anyone on my team. Discussions, entire projects, action steps, anything. You can see everyone’s time line of progress (of only the projects that you’re shared with), and events.


While this is a really, really limited review of the product, I can tell you firsthand that you won’t be disappointed with trying it out. Take a tour of Action Method, or even signup for a free trial and give it a spin.