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Behance: Productive Creativity Tools

There’s a great new website out there for us creative types who struggle with actually completing our lofty goals. The Behance team creates tools to help creative types with capturing ideas and completing them, which is so often the problem.

Many times people focus too much on the collecting part. It’s really really easy to capture your ideas. It’s much harder to capture those ideas in a fashion that allows you to break them down and plan for them. Enter Behance. From their Philosophy page:

Great achievement demands more than a great idea. “Creativity” is only one of the many components of “Productive Creativity.” Our research has revealed the invaluable role of other components such as leadership capability, staying organized, community, accountability, and cross-pollination in making ideas happen.

Currently, the Behance team has developed an elegant-looking line of Action Method products, aimed at storing next actions while brainstorming. Personally, the Action Pad looks like a piece of planning nirvana. If you want to see it in action, they’ve provided a printable tester.

They’ve also got one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while: Action Stickers. We all use sticky notes (heck, even online), so why not have
some durable ones? Brilliant.