6 Months with Complice: A Review

Learn about a tool for self-directed work in this Complice review

The advances in technology over the past 20 years have been phenomenal. Shoot, even the past 5 years have been incredible. We seem to be making every piece of technology faster, smaller, stronger and cooler than previously thought possible. Now we have things like cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, wifi… just about anything that can connect… Read more

Ahh, the power of collective wisdom has finally been utilized as a shopping tool. Sure, sites like Amazon have always had reviews, and sites like Pricegrabber have always compared prices. But nobody has harnessed the power of social media (yay!) and online shopping quite like They actually calculate three different scores: 1.) The “buzz”… Read more

In case you haven’t heard of the band OKgo, they were shot into viral video kingdom last year with their awesome music video “A Million Ways“. Here’s their latest “Here it Goes Again”. 2zY_4QkJGls

Last week I mentioned that I would be going on a nightly computer “fast”, meaning that I would only be using the computer until I was done working (5-6pm), and shutting it down for the rest of the evening. And believe it or not, I actually did it. For 5 days I was able to… Read more

Many people see productivity nirvana as working dilligently for 10 hours straight on our to-do lists, and completing each and every task. Although I myself have had many a sweet dream to this image, it’s a pretty lofty goal. Can we really do that? I’d argue that we can’t, at least not without taking a… Read more

Ok, so after writing Never Check Your Email First or Last, I realized that although email was bad to check before going to bed and after waking, it was only the part of the problem. I realized that if I wasn’t checking my email at night, I was still putzing around the web much later… Read more

New blog, new ideas… and new official seal. Official Seal Generator via 43Folders

So now that we’ve covered 5 time saving RSS hacks for readers, I thought it might be fitting to give some tips for RSS publishers (like bloggers). RSS is crucial to developing a blog’s reader base for two main reasons; 1) It saves the reader time and 2) allows for more ways to distribute your… Read more

Video of Kevin Spacey doing some amazing impressions of Jimmy Stewart, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and others.

RSS is a somewhat new technology that breaks down webpages into their most simple form, for easy transport around the web. In short: it’s a way to find and read more news faster. Now that there are online RSS readers like My Yahoo!, Rojo and Bloglines, many people are leveraging this great technology. But many… Read more

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