6 Months with Complice: A Review

Learn about a tool for self-directed work in this Complice review


Technology has had a huge effect on how we live and work. What used to take a whole day to get a response from a client, boss or co-worker now can be nearly instantaneous via IM, cell phones and email. The rate of how fast we can reply has increased dramatically thanks to these new… Read more

I’m starting something new: weekly “stumbles”. If you don’t know about the service StumbleUpon, you should check it out. It’s a Firefox extension that shows you useful websites/pages at random, according to your preferences. [DISCLAIMER: It’s more addictive than crack.] I know most of my blog is about being productive, but you gotta have fun… Read more


Ahh, the internet is a beautiful thing. I would be in a world of hurt if the internet was down for even half a day. I depend on it. Why? Because the internet allows me to be mobile with my work. I can go to any computer that’s online and have everything I need to… Read more

Oh man, this post could be 8 miles long. I’ve already written a couple posts over the dangers of time spent on the computer. Limiting the time spent online seems so simple, yet in reality it’s such a hard thing to do. Especially for people working on the computer for a living (which the number… Read more

The advances in technology over the past 20 years have been phenomenal. Shoot, even the past 5 years have been incredible. We seem to be making every piece of technology faster, smaller, stronger and cooler than previously thought possible. Now we have things like cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, wifi… just about anything that can connect… Read more

Ahh, the power of collective wisdom has finally been utilized as a shopping tool. Sure, sites like Amazon have always had reviews, and sites like Pricegrabber have always compared prices. But nobody has harnessed the power of social media (yay!) and online shopping quite like They actually calculate three different scores: 1.) The “buzz”… Read more

In case you haven’t heard of the band OKgo, they were shot into viral video kingdom last year with their awesome music video “A Million Ways“. Here’s their latest “Here it Goes Again”. 2zY_4QkJGls

Last week I mentioned that I would be going on a nightly computer “fast”, meaning that I would only be using the computer until I was done working (5-6pm), and shutting it down for the rest of the evening. And believe it or not, I actually did it. For 5 days I was able to… Read more

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