How I Manage My Morning Routine with a To-Do List

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

photo credit: Peter Smile Mornings used to be one of the low points of my day. Long story short: I’m not a very graceful person in the morning. A friend of mine has a saying that I’ll adapt: I don’t even believe in God until around 10 am. In college I used to wake up… Read more

Variety is the spice of life. No one can deny that. There’s a book out there that shows that if you’re looking for satisfaction in routines, you’re probably not going to find it. One of these books is Satisfaction: The Science of Finding True Fulfillment by Gregory Burns, a professor of psychology at Emory. His… Read more

I’ve found this true so many times in my life. Recently I was awaken by a phone call at 5:45 in the morning, and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I took a shower, made a great breakfast, and got working. By the time it was 9:30, I had done more than I usually did… Read more

An ideal scenario for increased productivity would be to approach your desk every day with your work already prioritized and your schedule set up so that you have a block of time marked off for uninterrupted work. There would be nothing on the desk to divert your attention while you are working. Your sole focus… Read more

Black Belt Productivity reminds me of something that I wrestle with all the time: GTD isn’t a static framework. While there are a few unbending rules (like review frequently), there still isn’t a stone tablet hidden away in David Allen’s office with the “perfect” blend of productivity tools. Really, most of it is open to… Read more

Interruptions are the bane of productivity, whether they come from other co-workers or your environment. While a distractive environment can severely hamper your ability to focus (email pop-ups in your taskbar, loud music, etc.), other people can be the biggest causes for a lapse in productivity. Part of the interruptions are mandatory, but a culture… Read more

As I sit by the window working this afternoon, I can’t help but notice how perfect it is working inside of a cozy office while outside it’s cold, dark and rainy. There could only be one thing that could possibly make this working day more enjoyable: a hot cup of tea. So, as I get… Read more

Jeremy Miner’s got a great method for feeling the satisfaction of completing a task. Instead of throwing the used notecards away, he stabs them. After I complete the tasks on a given card, I gleefully impale the card on the spindle. There’s a profoundly visceral satisfaction that comes with stabbing a completed task through the… Read more

Technology has had a huge effect on how we live and work. What used to take a whole day to get a response from a client, boss or co-worker now can be nearly instantaneous via IM, cell phones and email. The rate of how fast we can reply has increased dramatically thanks to these new… Read more

Ok, so after writing Never Check Your Email First or Last, I realized that although email was bad to check before going to bed and after waking, it was only the part of the problem. I realized that if I wasn’t checking my email at night, I was still putzing around the web much later… Read more

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