Top 5 Underrated Browser Extensions for Developers

Discover hidden browser extensions that can supercharge your dev workflow. From navigating GitHub repos to visually editing websites, these tools streamline productivity.

Explore extensions for programming news and advanced web browsing. Uncover five underrated browser add-ons every developer should know to save time and boost efficiency.

Octotree: Effortlessly Navigate GitHub Repos with a Code Tree

With Octotree, you’ll streamline your GitHub repository navigation by converting the file and directory structure into an intuitive sidebar code tree.

This extension enhances your productivity by providing swift access to repository contents, allowing you to navigate and locate files effortlessly.

Say goodbye to endless clicking and hello to efficient repository traversal, saving you valuable time and improving your GitHub workflow.

VisBug: Visually Debug and Edit Any Website’s Design

Enhance your web design debugging and editing capabilities with VisBug, a powerful browser extension that empowers you to visually inspect and modify any website’s design elements in real-time. With VisBug, you can easily adjust styles, move elements, and test responsive designs without touching the code. Its intuitive interface and versatile tools make it a must-have for developers and designers alike.

Visual ExaminationQuickly identify and analyze design elements
Style AdjustmentDirectly modify CSS properties for instant results
Element RearrangingRearrange components to test layout changes
Responsive TestingSimulate various screen sizes for responsiveness checks
No Code NeededMake design adjustments without editing source code Stay Updated on the Latest Programming News

For developers who want to stay on top of the latest programming trends and industry news, the browser extension is a game-changer. It delivers curated content right to your new tab page, ensuring you never miss important updates.

With, you can:

  1. Customize your feed based on your preferred programming languages and frameworks.
  2. Save articles for later reading.
  3. Share interesting posts with your network.

Ghostery: Speed Up Browsing by Blocking Trackers and Ads

Alongside enhancing your browsing speed, Ghostery safeguards your privacy by blocking trackers and intrusive ads. It’s a powerful tool that gives you control over your browsing experience.

Tracker BlockingEnhanced Privacy
Ad BlockingQuicker Loading
Customizable SettingsTailored Experience

Ghostery is essential for developers who value their time and privacy while browsing the web.

Vimium: Browse the Web Mouseless with Vim Shortcuts

With Vimium, you’ll streamline your browsing by controlling the web entirely from your keyboard using Vim shortcuts. It’s a game-changer for developers who prefer keeping their hands on the keys.

Vimium lets you:

  1. Traverse links with customizable key mappings
  2. Search page text swiftly
  3. Manage tabs, windows, and history without reaching for the mouse

Install it now and enhance your browsing efficiency!


You now possess a treasure trove of browser extensions that can supercharge your development workflow.

From browsing GitHub repos like a pro with Octotree to visually debugging websites with VisBug, staying updated with, surfing faster with Ghostery, and embracing mouseless efficiency with Vimium, these underrated gems will make you feel like a developer superhero.

Don’t let these powerful tools remain concealed; utilize their potential and take your productivity to new heights!