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Innovating Team Communication in Remote Work Era

COVID changed the way the world approaches many aspects of life, including the way we do our jobs. According to estimates provided by Rob Tyrie, 70 percent of workers will work at least 5 days per month remotely by 2025. With 16 percent of jobs around the world being completely remote, it makes sense that technology must keep up, constantly evolving to meet the new needs and demands of the industry. Digital signage and Kitcast digital signage software is the premiere way to keep everyone connected and informed with what’s going on. 

How to Use Digital Signage in a Remote Work Setting

Making sure employees are up to date on the latest is important when everyone is working from home. For that reason, digital signage becomes quite useful for making updates, providing important information, sharing announcements and much more. 

Centralized Information

With everything in one place, all relevant personnel will have access when they need it. Use digital signs to share company news, important information and announcements that you need everyone to see in real time. It’s also a great way to share remote work tips and strategies for being successful working from home. 

Fresh and Engaging Content

Digital signs are easy to change when needed, making it fast and simple to offer fresh and engaging information all the time. That might be live social media feeds or motivational quotes. You might also consider sharing weather updates, spotlighting employees and sharing dates and times for important meetings and events. Not only are you providing valuable information, but you’re keeping people involved so they aren’t bored and ignoring content. 

Interactive Features

When employees can engage with digital signs, you’re encouraging participation, whether you’re taking a poll, conducting a survey or asking for RSVPs for company events. Real time updates, such as meeting changes or alterations to the schedule are also easy to share. 


Digital signs can be easily customized, based on company needs. Each person can customize their display settings and choose the content they want to see more of. This increases the sense of being valued, but also keeps employees engaged with the signage. 

Integrates with Collaboration Tools

Your digital signs can be set up to work with other collaboration tools that are already in place, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack. This is handy for keeping everyone connected across all platforms and ensures that everyone gets the information they need when they need it. 

Being creative and innovative with your digital signs helps tear down some of the barriers that occur with remote work. Even when you’re not together, it promotes a sense of collaboration, engagement and connection among the members of your team.

Benefits of Digital Signs for Remote Work

As you can deduce by reading above, there’s a long list of benefits for adding digital signage to your remote working environment. These perks ensure top notch communication, which becomes even more valuable when employees are spread out in a variety of locations instead of centralized in one place. 

  • Enhances communication
  • Visually reinforces company culture
  • Ideal for training and development
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows for team building among remote workers
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Scalable to meet your needs
  • Makes it easy to send emergency notifications

Understanding the benefits of digital signage can help you determine if it’s right for your business needs. With so many ways to make it work for you, there’s really no disadvantage to incorporating it right away.


One of the biggest hurdles with remote work is communication, but digital signs address it in an effective and efficient way. Ideal for remote working environments, digital signage, you’ll find that it offers the perfect solution to creating a robust and cohesive team environment among your remote employees.