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Goal Setting Should Be Razor Sharp

Clarity. Focus. Simple. Few.

These are words that should describe your goal setting in 2007. Yeah, everybody’s made some New Year’s resolutions, but I bet even some of us have already broken them, haven’t we? It’s not because we’re lazy, it’s just that we didn’t apply those 4 simple words when we set our resolutions.

Clarity– If our goal is clear, we can easily trace the steps needed to achieve it. (Classic bad example: I’m going to excersize more.)

Focus– Not too much now, but just enough to have an obtainable goal. A vague, blurry, all-encompassing goal never works. (IE personally ending world hunger.)

Simple– Elaborate goals are just a bunch of smaller goals anyway.

Few– Weed out the goals that you really don’t want to work towards or aren’t that important. You won’t do them anyway.

If your goal setting for 2007 is razor sharp, you’ll find it’s going to be much easier to achieve it. Start small, then grow.

For example: Last year I wanted to find time to start reading every day, and finish a few books per month. I had to focus my goal and really hone it to realize that what I really needed was to develop a habit of reading at a certain time every day.

Now my reading in the morning keeps me as regular as the bran I eat, and I finish at least a couple books per month.