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The Stikkit blog informs us that an enterprising lad James Adam has released a Stikkit dashboard widget. With this handy little tool you can Create new stikkits, find and edit existing ones—multiple at a time—and click the “synch” button to save them to Stikkit online. And the widget grabs a snapshot of the latest online […]

A lot of times people try to find the latest and greatest tool to fully organize their lives. I can tell you up front… it’s not gonna happen. What makes the self-help/productivity arena so interesting is there there isn’t one tool to “rule them all”. Some have come close, but tools aren’t meant to organize […]

Note: Behance is a sponsor of LifeDev. But rest assured we wouldn’t have written this if we didn’t mean every word. Every word. Behance is a productivity outfitter of sorts. As per their slogan “making ideas happen”, they’ve interestingly focused their products for creative types. This is a smart move. Creativity is a very important […]

Creating My ToDo List Through Jott And Gmail “1. If you don’t have an account with Gmail, you must set one up by going here. 2. Once you have logged into your Gmail account, go to the “Labels” box on the sidebar and click on “Edit labels”. 3. In the entry box marked “Create a […]

Australian researchers have found that people don’t learn as well when they’re thrown two separate inputs to process at the same time. An example of this inadequate presentation style is the traditional Power Point presentation.   This generally consists of a prepared topic outline on the screen and the lecturer extrapolating the finer points. “It is […]

Steve Pavlina has an interesting post on Self-Help Junkies.  Basically, they’re people who spend all of their resources learning how to get better, and not actually doing anything to improve their life. Much like drug addicts, self-help junkies feed their addiction by digesting more and more feel-good material. They get sucked into the emotional high […]

I came across an interesting site this evening, and initially wondered if it was a belated April Fool’s prank.  Nope, it’s just a bizarre Google Maps mashup that shows… wait for it… who’s sick around the world.  Log on to Who Is Sick and see who’s sick around the nation, or if you’re feeling a […]

Apparently GMail truncates email messages longer than a few hundred lines.  Digital Inspiration informs us that if you do find yourself with an email that has been truncated, you need to click a link to read it all. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that if you receive long forwards, GMail just forwards the […]

Ok, so I know I haven’t given you guys any Casual Friday Videos for a couple of weeks now.  Well, hopefully this will make up for it. The Onion has just launched a news network with some funny absolutely hilarious videos.  Here’s an example of some of their fictitious television reporting. Good stuff, man.  Good […]

We’ve written before on one of our most favorite Extensions for Firefox: GTDGmail. However, since then the extension has gone through some changes. First and foremost, the extension’s name has been changed to GTDInbox (courtesy of Google’s lawyers). But secondly, they’ve come out with an update that gives a 2-minute timer to help with blazing […]

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