How Can I Tell If Someone Is Pinging My Phone?

Are you feeling like someone is tracking your moves? Lately, noticing your phone is acting weird? This might be because someone is pinging your phone. Your cell phone is the ultimate way for hackers to access your data.

You might be asking yourself, how can you tell if someone is pinging your phone. Check if your phone is lighting up as you have shut it down or if you find it hard to switch it off. You may also notice strange noises from your phone while using it. 

There isn’t a clear sign if someone is pinging your phone. iPhone or Android phones don’t notify you when someone tracks your location.

What Does It Mean When Your Phone Is Being Pinged?

Pinging someone’s phone means trying to know the device’s availability. Almost every operating system is compatible with this network utility. Present-day gadgets like Android or iPhone also support this feature, and people can get your location by pinging your phone.

As per technical meaning, ping works like a signal that reaches a phone to request its network location. The phone responds with the required information. Pinging can capture location through the phone’s GPS location. 

How to Know if Someone Is Pinging You?

Anyone can get a hold of your phone’s location and access your home, your kid’s school, and more. Here are some signs someone might be pinging your phone.

Your phone is unusually hot

If you feel like your phone is releasing heat suddenly, it might be because someone is pinging your phone. Spyware functioning in the background makes your phone work more than usual, thus causing it to become hot. 

The battery gets low quickly

Note down your battery timings. Check for any unusual changes in your phone’s battery timing. If your phone is being tracked, it will send out data continuously, consuming your battery more than usual.

The phone is rebooting on its own

Are you witnessing your phone being rebooted all of a sudden? It might be because a hacker is interfering with your phone. This made your phone’s malware stop functioning normally and is causing it to malfunction.

Shutting it down is hard

Another sign of malware might be your phone is taking longer than expected to shut down. When someone turns off their phone, it is bound to finish the background tasks. Likewise, if a hacker fetches information from your phone, it will take more time to shut down. 

Your phone is working at a turtle’s pace

It isn’t delightful to have your phone working at a turtle pace. You may think of it as a standard issue. However, some tech professionals believe that someone tapping your phone might be a red flag. 

Your phone is making strange noises 

Are you hearing strange noises coming out from your phone lately? These could be statistics, echos, or clicking sounds. Please don’t take them lightly. Be aware someone may be listening in on your calls. Although it is out of the ordinary, you must still look into it.

How to Stop Your Phone From Being Pinged?

Try these methods to prevent spyware if you believe your phone is being pinged.

Turn on ‘Airplane Mode’

Switch off all internet resources, including Wi-Fi and Cellular data, on your phone. To cut it short, turn on ‘Airplane Mode.’ This option will turn off all radios so none of them can connect to any network. 

Deactivate your GPS radio

Deactivate your phone’s GPS Radio. It can be found alone in some phones’ settings, while others have it in ‘Privacy’ or ‘Location’ settings. You can turn off location-based features on your phone to deactivate your GPS.

This won’t let your phone share location. Several phones deactivate GPS on turning on Airplane mode. Thus, you might want to check your phone’s settings beforehand.

For the iPhone, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and tap ‘Privacy.’ Now select ‘Location Services.’ Here you will see a list of apps that use location.

You can either disable location services for all apps by turning off the toggle or for specific apps. Do subway surfers require your location? No. 

If you have an Android phone, go to the app drawer and settings. Then select ‘Location’ and tap ‘Google Location Settings.’ You can switch off ‘Location Reporting’ and ‘Location History’ in these settings.

‘Location Reporting’ shares location to required apps, while ‘Location History’ saves your location for later searches and software like Google Now. Additionally, you can clear out your entire location history by tapping ‘Delete Location History.’

Shut down your phone

Shut down your phone entirely and remove the battery. This way, you can ensure that no one can track down your location.

However, you won’t be able to use your phone at all. If you want to use any data on your phone, upload your data on your PC before you shut it down. 

Can Someone Ping Your Cell Phone?

Yes, it is possible to ping someone’s phone using a spy application (however, it is illegal to spy on someone without their consent). If you are a government official, you may contact the carrier’s helpline (to ping the phone).

In some instances, you may track devices that have been registered on your account. Furthermore, carriers offer a portal for this facility.

Can You Track Someone Using Their Cell Phone Number?

Yes, you can track someone’s location by their cell phone number. However, it is not as simple as it seems.

Getting to know where your loved ones are and achieving peace of mind as you know they are safe is tricky. You would need to install some apps that may charge you per month. 

Can Someone Monitor Your Phone’s Activity? 

Yes, someone can even keep an eye on your phone’s activity without access. Mobile spyware is used to track your information such as emails, messages, calls, photos, and even browsing history. 

Is It Possible To See Someone Through a Phone’s Camera?

It is entirely possible to see someone through a phone’s camera. If a person had used your phone for even 10 minutes, they might have installed some software to fetch your phone’s activity. 

Can You Tap Someone’s Phone Without Letting Them Know?

Using specialized tracking solutions with a stealth feature, one may be able to track someone without them knowing.

However, not every tracking solution contains a built-in secret tracking mode. If you select the right solution, you can follow any iPhone or Android phone from a web browser. 

Can The Police Read Your Messages Without Your Knowledge?

Authorities or police officials can open your emails from the last 180 days. However, they will require a warrant.

With a subpoena, police can read your opened and unopened messages, and although, they must let you know beforehand about the access.


With all that fuss about phones being used as bugging devices, people may creep out when you know you’re being monitored without your knowledge. However, many modern telephones require physical access before tracking them.

Still, you might want to take the necessary measures to protect your privacy. Hopefully, this post will help you prevent your phone from being pinged.