Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked?

Do blocked messages get delivered when you unblock someone? No, the messages you sent when blocked will not be delivered even after you get unblocked.

You can also observe from the chat that there is no double-tick or seen tag visible. The only way to receive their messages is to remove them from your blocked list.

Is there a way for someone to contact you once you have blocked them? Yes, they can still contact you using another number or if they hide their caller ID. 

So, Do Messages Deliver After Unblocking?

In the present time, we use social media a lot and use it to share our feelings with known or unknown people through chatting or audio calls, or video calls. In this process, we can also interact with someone whom we dislike.

So, what do you do then? You can block them so that they cannot annoy you anymore. But what if there is a misunderstanding and they try to express themselves while you have blocked them? Will their messages reach you? 

If you block a person or anyone blocks you, the messages you sent to them or the messages they sent to you during that period are not delivered at all. The messages you sent only remain in your chat history and are not delivered to the contact.

You can also observe from the chat thread that there is no double-tick or seen tag visible. It is visible when the messages you send are delivered and seen by the other person.

Can You See if a Blocked Number Has Tried to Text You?

Can you find out if the blocked number has ever tried to text you or not? No, you cannot see if a blocked number has tried to text you or not. The text messages sent by the contact remain in the chat history of the sender only.

However, the sender does not get to know that you have blocked them, as the messages seem to go through as usual. It is because there is no tag of message failure or message undelivered. The UI remains the same as if they are sending the message.

The same happens when someone has blocked you. The only difference is that you can not see any tag of “message delivered” or “message sent” in the chat.

But, you will probably know if the message does not get delivered for a long time and if the person does not reply to the text.

How Can I Text Someone Who Blocked My Number?

What if there is some misunderstanding and the person already blocked you? How do you make yourself heard and clear the issue? Can you still text the person who blocked your number?

The answer to this question is very straightforward and somewhat known. You can not text someone who has blocked your number at all. The only thing you can do is wait for the person to unblock you.

Then, only you can convey your message to the person. If a person has blocked you, they have restricted you from communicating with them. It means that they have forbidden you from texting or even calling them unless they remove you from their block list.

How Can You Find Out if Your Contact has blocked you?

Your contact can block you from two places, either from the social media sites like Instagram or WhatsApp or from the contact number directly.

There are different ways for each, using which you can at least guess if someone has blocked you. Let us have a look at them:

Social Media Sites

Suppose you suspect that someone on the social media site has blocked you. You can follow any of these steps to check:

  • Check the profile picture of the contact. If it is not visible now, the person might have blocked you.
  • Check for their online status. If it is not visible or you cannot find their username, they might have blocked you.
  • Try messaging the person. If there is no action, they might have blocked you from contacting them.
  • On some social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, you can not even send or reply to a message if a person blocks you. Moreover, you will not be able to search for their username, and it comes up blank.

Contact Number

Suppose you think that the person has blocked your contact number. Then, you can try these steps:

  • Try calling that person if you hear the line is busy, your call gets disconnected, or they are out of the network coverage area. The person has blocked you.
  • Drop a text message for that person and look for the “delivered” tag. If the tag is not visible, the person may have blocked you.

Can You See if a Blocked Number Has Tried To Call You?

There is no way to know if the person has tried calling you unless you unblock them from your phone.

Their calls will not go through and will be dropped immediately. They can only contact you if you unblock them or they reach you using another number.

If you have blocked someone’s number and have your voicemail open, they can still leave a voice message, but you will not receive a notification.

Hence, if you are getting back-to-back calls from that person, you can react accordingly. They may be calling you for an important discussion, so you can unblock them and have a conversation.

How Can You Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number?

There are some ways to contact someone who has blocked you. Before calling them, make sure that you do not bother them, and doing so will not make them angrier.

Here are the different ways in which you can call someone who has blocked you:

  • Hiding Your Caller ID/Contact Number: It is one of the easiest methods, and anyone can do this. While using this to call the person, the device will not recognize your number, and it will appear as a “Private” or “Unknown Number” on their end. 

iOS Users: Go to Settings > Phone > Show My caller ID > switch OFF Show My Caller ID option

Android Users: Open the phone app> Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner > Go to Settings > Supplementary Services > Show your caller ID > Never

Other Devices: Open Google Voice > Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner > Go to Settings > Switch on the Anonymous caller ID toggle

  • Dialing *67: You can also dial *67 before the number while making the call to hide your caller ID.
  • Generate a Random Phone Number: In smartphones, certain apps let you generate random phone numbers, and you can call the person using that phone number.
  • Contact Them Using Another Number: You can use the mobile phone of someone you know or try calling with the landline from your home or a public phone booth.


We block people from our contact list or on social media for several reasons. So, do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked? The answer is no; they remain undelivered.

When someone has sent you those messages while they are on your block list, there is no way for you to see them. On the other hand, the person who sent the message will not see a visible tick that ensures the message has gone through.

It is similar to when you have blocked someone on social media, the messages will not push through, and the person will not be able to view your profile. Even if you have unblocked the person, their messages during that time will remain unsent.

On the other hand, they can still send you a voice message, but you will not get a notification.

Moreover, if the person tries to contact you, the call will end up getting disconnected. If they want to contact you, they can use someone else’s number or have their caller ID hidden.