6 YouTubers that Offer NordVPN YouTuber Codes

There are benefits to following the top YouTubers online since many of them offer content-related discounts and vouchers for the products and software they themselves use. Gaming YouTubers offer special price cuts on the VPN products they use, and today we’ll look at 6 YouTubers who offer VPN YouTuber codes that will get you a discount on your own VPN subscription.


Felix Kjellberg from Sweden (the home of Minecraft) boasts over 21 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 111 million subscribers on YouTube. He rose to fame by making entertaining Minecraft videos and gained popularity through his funny sense of humor and progressive building skills within the game.

While Minecraft dominates most of PewDiePie’s channel, he’s also branched out into other areas of video content, namely travel videos, footage of him and his family, and even content about his pet pigs! He remains one of the most-watched gaming YouTubers of 2024 and uploads content regularly to keep his fans interested.

PewDiePie offers his loyal viewers a NordVPN discount code for those who want to follow in his footsteps and game without the risk of malware and viruses. Since Minecraft has evolved into an online community game, it’s worth obtaining this code which will give you a decent price slash off your NordVPN subscription.


Jimmy Donaldson has multiple channels on YouTube, but his most popular one is MrBeastGaming. MrBeast has more YouTube subscribers than any other person in the world and is well known for his philanthropic acts of kindness, and his scintillating humor when playing online games.

MrBeast also makes Minecraft videos, but they are usually themed with a twist that involves his friends. Since Minecraft is such a flexible game, MrBeast invents new ways of enjoying the game and creating fun contests for friends and fans who enjoy playing it too.

As the top YouTuber of all time thus far, MrBeast offers his fans a great deal on their VPN by using his YouTuber discount code as a way to get a decent price reduction. As someone who goes online all the time, he knows that this is a necessary tool for safe browsing and online gaming.

Critical Role

Despite some misconceptions, Critical Role is not an individual, but a team of friends who play role-playing games together. They film their games and post them on YouTube, and have since gained a massive following of over 2.2 million subscribers.

The role-playing games are conducted according to strict rules, and many campaigns will involve new characters coming in as the game progresses. This results in hours of fun antics that can be expected when playing these fun imaginary games with your own friends. For this reason, viewers religiously watch Critical Role videos in order to emulate the same vibe within their friendship groups.

Critical Role dabbles in all kinds of games that include an online component and have also afforded their subscribers a VPN promotion code to receive a discount on NordVPNmalware protection software. Their channel really is a testament to how role-playing games have evolved over the past decade and how much fun you and your friends can have playing games the old-fashioned way.


Now standing at over 12 million subscribers, CaseyNeistat has become an internet travel sensation with unique content always being furnished on his channel. Casey believes that any excuse to travel is worth grabbing hold of with both hands, and he lives by this philosophy with his family every day.

Casey posts videos of his trips to various countries, ensuring there’s always a wacky adventure taking place everywhere he goes. From extreme sports to vacation resorts, Casey and his family experience the world as it really is, and include their adventures in well-thought-out videos that are funny, clever, and often scary.

This YouTuber also does reviews for camera equipment, since his main passion outside of travel is photography. As an avid traveler who tours the world for a living (and sometimes to find work), he uses high tech cameras often and gives his viewers advice on the best ones, as well as on how to use them.

As part of subscribing to CaseyNeistat’s channel, you can also enjoy a discount on NordVPN through claiming his YouTuber code for the product. Casey’s travel and family life are well worth following on YouTube, so if you’re keen for hours of entertainment and price cut on your VPN, go check him out!


The DeFranco show has a massive following across the globe. Philip DeFranco hosts the show and talks about pop culture, breaking news events, and any other topic that tickles the fancy of his viewers. The show is strongly opinionated, making Philip DeFranco an entertaining talk show host to watch as he flies through public news stories to give viewers his viewpoints on them.

PhilipDeFranco is continuously running contests and promotions on his channel, including his promotion on NordVPN together with his YouTuber code. Subscribers can obtain this code and get a nice price slash off of their subscription with NordVPN. His other promotions include chances to win cash prizes by ordering from SeatGeek and other affiliates.

Among his news segments, Philip DeFranco also features lifestyle tips, interviews, movies & shows, and humorous celebrity talks. If you enjoy news in a fast paced format with tons of funny quips about politicians, his channel is well worth subscribing to. With over 6 million subscribers, PhilipDeFranco is climbing the YouTube ladder rapidly.

Mark Rober

You only need to watch Mark Rober’s channel for a few minutes to completely fall in love with his content. At a whopping 49 million subscribers, this qualified engineer is one of the top YouTubers today. His content revolves around fantastical inventions, science, and myth busting videos. Rober delves into how technology is shaping our reality, and emphasizes how it can improve the lives of people.

Each of his videos is packed with interesting information, scientific facts, and interviews with people who are impacted by technology. Among his many affiliates, Rober offers his many subscribers a YouTuber code that will also get them a discount on their VPN purchase at NordVPN.

Watch Mark Rober on YouTube if you love inspirational stories, or if you simply want to know if lava beats acid in burning car engine metal! It’s the kind of channel that’s great for the whole family, with wholesome stories and experiments that will keep your mind busy for hours.

Wrapping Up

Subscribing to any of these channels is worthwhile; plus you get the chance to save on your VPN subscription. So if you’re into gaming, celebrity news, travel, or science, these channels have something for you.