Don’t Pass Bet vs Don’t Come Bet: What New Craps Players Should Know

Like me, I am sure many players enjoy the excitement and high-speed nature of craps. In land-based casinos, it’s the third most popular. It offers players decent odds against the house.

Come and Don’t Come bets are a captivating alternative to crowd favourites like Pass Line and Don’t Pass wagers. While the Don’ts may earn you some frowns, they also offer you amazing advantages.

Read on as I help you understand craps terms and gameplay like Don’t bets. Discover everything a new player should know to gain an edge, and from my POV, any advantage is a good advantage.

Come and Pass Line Bets

The Come and Pass Line bets share various similarities. They both boast a low house edge and offer engaging strategy options throughout the game.

Pass Line:

  • You place your bets before the opening roll of the game.
  • Players place chips in the PASS LINE section of the craps table.
  • You can win on three different numbers; 7, 11, or the point.
  • Much like a Come bet, you lose if you roll a 2, 3, or 12.
  • It also has a 1.41% house edge.

Come bets:

  • You can only place a Come bet once a point has been set after the first come-out roll.
  • The wager has a designated area on the craps table labelled COME.
  • Come bets win on a 7 or 11 roll but lose on a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number creates a new Come Point.
  • It has a house edge of 1.41%. These odds are more beneficial for players compared to most other craps bets.

There are various advantages to using these betting types. They offer added excitement and strategy to the game, with Come Bets providing more participation throughout it.

A Come bet allows you to set the Come Point when rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. You can then leverage it later in the round. Any players who bet on the Pass line will win their wagers if they roll the point but lose if it’s a 7.

I have also found that another key advantage of Come and come-and-pass line bets is the low house edge. Playing these wagers gives you more opportunities for a win. They also help extend rounds, reduce losses, and lead to more enjoyable sessions.

The Don’t Bets

Don’t bets function as the opposites of their counterparts? Don’t Pass and Don’t Come wagers win whereas Pass Line and Come bets lose. It’s also true for where they lose while the others win.

A key difference is that bets on 2 or 3 on the come-out roll result in a win. Wagers on 7 or 11 lose, and throwing a 12 is a push, as it’s barred from winning. Don’t Pass plays until you roll a 7 or the point that was set.

Don’t Come bets are like an extension of Don’t Pass bets. There are two primary differences between them. You can only place them after establishing the Pass Line point and never during the shooters’ come-out roll.

You can tell if someone established a point by the white disk in the COME area. If it displays ‘On’ you can place a Don’t Come bet. You can throw your chips into the Don’t Come Bar 12 section of the table. 

You or another shooter can also establish a Come number at any stage of the game. You can play against this Come value using the Don’t Pass rules.

Why Most Shooters Don’t Play the Don’ts

Don’t bets are taboo in the casino community despite the favourable craps odds. Most shooters aren’t huge fans of them as they’re like wagering on other players losing. Gamers call them ‘wrong’ bets while the Pass Line and point stakes are ‘right side’ bets.

The casino community considers shooter and point bets as player bets. Don’ts lead to shooters losing and the casino winning, making people view them as house bets.

A huge reason craps is so popular is because of the camaraderie you experience together. Be discrete when betting on Don’t if you’re playing craps in brick-and-mortar casinos. You won’t make any friends if you’re caught betting against everyone else.

Betting against the group may lead to exclusion from the game. You could lose opportunities to test your luck by rolling the dice.

Be the Villain and Play the Don’ts


At the risk of instigating your villain ark—bet on the Don’ts! While others may shun you, it can also provide great competition and entertainment. The game will become more exciting as you raise the stakes.

The fact is Don’t Come and Don’t Pass bets give you better odds of winning. The moral juggle lies in the difference between the house edge, which is quite minor.

Come and Pass Line Bets share a house edge of 1.41%. Don’t Come and Don’t Pass wagers both have a 1.36% house edge. When you’re playing to win at craps, either of these four betting styles are fair options.