Things To Do To Peoples Houses at Night – 10 House Pranks

Playing pranks is a common form of humor and fun that transcends all age groups and cultures. Pranks are typically simple tricks or jokes done to surprise, confuse, and (hopefully) amuse the victims. This article focuses on house pranks, which are typically executed at the homes of the victims, usually during hours of darkness for an extra element of surprise.

Laughter and surprise are the main reasons why pranks are amusing to many individuals. There’s a certain thrill in successfully pulling off a prank, and a mixture of shock, surprise, and amusement in being a prank’s recipient. However, there must be a balance to ensure that the pranks are harmless.

Ethically, pranks should be planned and executed with respect for the person being pranked. Pranks that are mean-spirited, harmful, or potentially traumatizing, are not condoned and should be avoided at all costs. Remember, the purpose is to spread laughter and fun, not to hurt or distress someone.

Legally, one must consider potential consequences before pulling a prank. Vandalism, trespassing, assault, and other harmful activities can land one in serious legal trouble. Therefore, always consider if your harmless fun could cross the line into illegal activity.

Things To Do To Peoples Houses at Night - 10 House Pranks

Top 10 House Pranks:

This article lists ten harmless house pranks that you can execute easily and safely. Each prank includes a brief explanation, as well as a list of the resources you’ll need.

Prank 1: Doorbell Ditching

A timeless classic in the realm of pranks is the Doorbell Ditch, often referred to as Ding Dong Ditch. This harmless mischief is simple in concept but can provide a rush of adrenaline and laughter. To successfully carry out this prank, one must first ensure that the timing is considerate – it’s crucial to avoid late hours when people might be sleeping. After confirming a suitable time:

  1. Reconnoiter the neighborhood to find an appropriate house, ensuring that the environment is safe for a quick dash.
  2. Plan your exit strategy meticulously, mapping out a clear and quick escape route to avoid being caught.
  3. With the plan set, press the doorbell with a swift finger and immediately make your escape, being sure to stay out of sight.

Stealth and swiftness are your allies here; the trick is to vanish before the door is answered, leaving behind nothing but the echo of the doorbell.

Prank 2: The Toilet Paper Toss

The Toilet Paper Toss is a bit more elaborate, requiring both creativity and a bit of audacity. This prank is particularly amusing around Halloween but can be executed at any time of year. You’ll need to arm yourself with rolls of toilet paper – the more, the merrier.

  1. Choose a target that is devoid of security cameras and where you won’t cause too much disruption.
  2. Begin the artful process of tossing the toilet paper over trees, shrubs, and possibly the roof of the house or vehicle, creating a web of white that will be a sight to behold come morning.
  3. Aim to distribute the rolls in an artistic yet chaotic manner, ensuring a memorable and Instagram-worthy view.

However, keep in mind that while this prank is all in good fun, it’s important to maintain respect for property and be prepared to assist in the cleanup if necessary.

Prank 3: Plastic Wrap Trap

The Plastic Wrap Trap is a subtle yet effective prank that will surely yield some surprising reactions. You will need a decent supply of clear plastic wrap and tape that can adhere well without causing damage.

  1. Measure and cut the plastic wrap to fit the intended doorway or toilet seat, considering the width and height for maximum effect.
  2. Carefully tape the plastic wrap to create an almost invisible barrier, being sure to smooth out any wrinkles that might give away the prank.
  3. Find a vantage point to observe the unsuspecting individual as they encounter the transparent obstacle, and await the laughter that is sure to follow.

Prank 4: The Fake Bug Scare

If you’re aiming for a fright with a dash of humor, the Fake Bug Scare is a fantastic choice. For this prank, the quality of the fake bug is paramount – the more lifelike, the better the scare.

  1. Acquire a fake bug that would pass for the real thing at a glance, perhaps a spider or cockroach.
  2. Strategically place the bug in a location that’s frequently used but not constantly in view, such as inside a lampshade, in a drawer amongst clothes, or nestled in the toe of a shoe.
  3. Patience is essential as you wait for the bug to be discovered, and the surprise will make for a perfect prank moment.

Prank 5: Sticky Note Overload

An amusing and colorful way to prank someone is with an Overload of Sticky Notes. This prank can be both visually striking and time-consuming to undo, offering a memorable experience for the prankster and the pranked alike.

  1. Choose a location where the sticky notes will have the most visual impact. A car exterior or an office cubicle makes for an excellent canvas.
  2. Begin the process of sticking the notes across the chosen surface, creating patterns or covering every inch for the full effect.
  3. If you’re feeling creative, write humorous or affectionate messages on the sticky notes, adding a personal touch to the prank.

Prank 6: Balloon Filled Room

Filling a room or car with balloons is a classic surprise that can range from romantic to downright comedic, depending on the context.

  1. Calculate the number of balloons you will need based on the volume of the space. The goal is to fill it to the point of overflowing.
  2. Inflate the balloons when the person is away, and stuff the area to the brim, creating a balloon wonderland.
  3. Await the moment of return when the door opens to reveal a cascade of colors and shapes, providing a spectacle that is as bewildering as it is delightful.

Prank 7: Unconventional Food Colors

A prank that is sure to elicit double-takes and puzzled expressions involves changing the colors of everyday foods and drinks. The result can be surprisingly disorienting.

  1. Purchase food-safe, non-toxic dye in a variety of colors.
  2. Secretly add a few drops to foods or liquids that are usually color-consistent, like milk, scrambled eggs, or clear water.
  3. Serve the altered food and watch as the unsuspecting victim encounters a culinary world turned upside down, sparking laughter and conversation.

Prank 8: The Fake Lottery Ticket

The Fake Lottery Ticket is a prank that can send someone on an emotional roller coaster, so it should be used with care and kindness.

  1. Purchase a convincing fake lottery ticket from a novelty store or online retailer.
  2. Present the ticket to your friend or family member, setting the stage for their moment of ‘victory.’
  3. Be ready to capture the reaction on camera as they scratch their way to the faux jackpot, but remember to follow up the joke with a genuine token of affection to soften the blow.

Prank 9: Moving Furniture Around

The Moving Furniture Around prank requires stealth and a good eye for design – albeit a mischievously inconvenient one.

  1. Choose a time when the person is out or sleeping soundly, and you have enough time to complete the rearrangement.
  2. Silently move furniture items around, altering the room’s layout significantly enough to bewilder but not to cause accidents.
  3. Make sure that the new arrangement, while surprising, is safe and free from hazards – safety should always be a priority, even in jest.

Prank 10: The Mysterious TV Remote

Lastly, the Mysterious TV Remote is a modern prank suited for the age of technology. It’s a simple, non-invasive way to cause a little bit of harmless confusion.

  1. Synchronize an extra universal remote with the TV of the soon-to-be-pranked individual.
  2. Conceal yourself within range and intermittently change the channels, adjust the volume, or turn the TV on and off.
  3. Observe as the victim of your prank puzzles over the seemingly haunted or glitchy television, providing a spectacle of human versus machine that is sure to amuse.

Safety Precautions & Responsibilities

Remember, safety is paramount when carrying out pranks. All pranks should be conducted in a safe manner to avoid causing harm to others.

Also, bear in mind that should a prank cause damage, it’s your responsibility to fix the situation or pay for repairs.


While pranks are meant for fun and amusement, remember that not everyone gets a kick out of being pranked. Always consider the feelings of your prank recipients. With these harmless house pranks, you can enjoy tons of laughter without crossing the line. So, have fun, but remember to prank responsibly.