25 funniest answers to "what are you wearing"

What Are You Wearing? – the 25 Funniest Answers

In the grand scheme of social interactions, clothing is a perennial ice-breaker. We are often asked, “What are you wearing?” as a way to spark conversation or as a cheeky nudge during phone calls. It’s a universal question that always opens up the door for a quick quip, a playful banter, or a self-deprecating joke. Because let’s face it – humor is a vital part of human communication. It adds color to our conversations, strengthens our bonds, and eases social tension. This article explores the power of laughter through 25 funniest answers to “What are you wearing?” Prepare to chuckle, chortle, or straight-up guffaw!

“What Are You Wearing?” – Classic Humorous Responses

Nothing beats the classics. Here are five timeless responses that people have been delivering for years. Whether you’ve heard them before or they’re entirely new to you, they are sure to bring a smile to your face.

  1. “My Birthday Suit”: Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and daring responses is claiming to be in the nude. It’s a bit cheeky and adds an unexpected twist to the conversation. But remember, timing and context are crucial for this one!
  2. “A Frown and Yesterday’s Underwear”: This response is perfect for when you’re having one of those off days. It’s self-deprecating humor at its finest, an admission of a bad day, but delivered in a way that’ll make people laugh.
  3. “Clothes, I hope!”: The best part about this response is the pretend surprise, as if you suddenly realized you could be walking around in public without any clothes on. It’s always a hit because it’s silly and playful.
  4. “My Invisibility Cloak”: This is a clear nod to the Harry Potter series. It’s perfect for the bibliophiles and fantasy enthusiasts in your life who will appreciate the clever reference.
  5. “My Thinking Cap”: Used in a more professional context, this is a humorous response to say you’re in a serious, problem-solving mode.

Laughter from Unlikely Combinations

The comedy gold is often found in the absurd. When fashion elements from different eras, professions, or contexts collide, hilarity ensues. Here are five unexpected clothing combinations that tickle the funny bone.

  1. “A Top Hat and Scuba Gear”: The mental image of this incongruous pairing alone is enough to provoke laughter. The blend of formal and underwater exploration wear is amusingly absurd.
  2. “Ninja Turtles Pajamas and a Lab Coat”: This response plays on the contrast between childhood nostalgia and professional seriousness. It’s quirky, unexpected, and paints a funny picture.
  3. “Ballerina Tutu and Football Pads”: The jarring mismatch of delicate dancewear and rugged sports gear is a surefire conversation starter.
  4. “Safari Hat and Space Suit”: Imagine the great explorers of the Earth meeting the astronauts exploring the cosmos. It’s a hilariously adventurous ensemble.
  5. “Sherlock Holmes’ Cap and Clown Shoes”: The ultimate whodunit gear with a twist of slapstick comedy.
25 funniest answers to "what are you wearing"

The Art of Absurdity – Unexpected Responses

Sometimes, the funniest responses to “What are you wearing?” involve items that you wouldn’t normally consider clothing. Here are five out-of-place items that make for a hilarious answer.

  1. “Canned Ham”: A response that is both absurd and evokes an odd visual. It leaves the questioner curious and laughing at the image of canned meat as clothing.
  2. “Duct Tape and Bubble Wrap”: This combination suggests an outfit that is both haphazard and popping with fun.
  3. “A Loaf of Bread as Shoes”: The absurdity of using food as footwear is sure to cause a giggle. The additional questions it raises – “Isn’t that uncomfortable? What kind of bread?” – extend the humor further.
  4. “Post-its for a Shirt”: What if your outfit was also your to-do list? It’s a quirky and humorous concept.
  5. “A Blanket Cape and Pillow Hat”: The home comfort version of high fashion.

Celebrity-inspired Zingers

Celebrities often set fashion trends, but they also inspire some clever responses to the “What are you wearing?” question. Here are five zingers with a touch of celebrity.

  1. “Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress”: Referencing this iconic outfit creates an immediate visual and laughs. It’s unexpected and over-the-top, like the dress itself.
  2. “Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes”: This response is a fun throwback to the King of Rock and Roll. It’s perfect for music lovers and adds a nostalgic twist to the conversation.
  3. “Cher’s Bob Mackie Gown”: Known for her outrageous fashion choices, a reference to a Cher outfit immediately signals flamboyant glamour and a sense of fun.
  4. “David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Outfit”: Referencing this iconic look adds a dash of rock and roll and interstellar magic to your supposed outfit.
  5. “Bjork’s Swan Dress”: Another memorable celebrity outfit. A nod to this dress will be understood by most and bring about laughs at the sheer outlandishness.

Wordplay & Pun-tastic Replies

Puns and wordplay can add a layer of cleverness to a response. Here are five funny replies that rely on language play.

  1. “Sweatpants – They’re like regular pants, but sweatier”: This response is a playful way to acknowledge a laid-back outfit.
  2. “Jeans of Genes”: This response plays on the homophones “jeans” and “genes.” It’s a smart answer that could even spark a discussion on genetics!
  3. “A Suit-able Outfit”: This pun suggests that you’re wearing a suit, but in a more playful way. It can be an especially fun response in a formal context.
  4. “Just my Ruffle Collar – It’s Past(a) Time for Dinner”: This response combines a pun and a little food humor. It plays on the dual meaning of “pasta” and “past a.”
  5. “My Tees and Jeans, and no, they’re not arguing”: This pun plays on “tees” sounding like “ties,” suggesting a possible conflict within your outfit.


So there you have it – 25 hilariously clever responses to the timeless question, “What are you wearing?” These responses showcase the art of quick wit, humor, and the power of unexpected absurdity. They serve as reminders that even in everyday conversations, there is ample room for a good laugh. Humor is not just a source of entertainment; it’s a tool that fosters connection, bridges gaps, and promotes a shared sense of humanity.

No matter the context, whether it’s a phone call with a friend or a virtual meeting, don’t shy away from infusing humor into your responses. Who knows, you might just brighten someone’s day or spark a laughter-filled conversation. So, the next time someone asks, “What are you wearing?” – make them laugh!

Your Turn

Did these responses tickle your funny bone? Got any hilarious answers of your own to the question, “What are you wearing?” Share them with us! We love a good laugh just as much as you do. After all, life is better when we’re laughing together!