Crafting a Meaningful Response to 'What Intrigues You About Me?'

What intrigues you about me? How to answer that question and 3 answers and mistakes to avoid

“What intrigues you about me?” When you engage with others, this question may arise that can either deepen your bond or leave an uncomfortable silence: Learning to answer this question can significantly improve your relationships and interactions. Here is a comprehensive guide to crafting a meaningful response.

Crafting a Meaningful Response to 'What Intrigues You About Me?'


Personal connections and relationships are complex, with many different elements contributing to their depth and strength. One of the most critical factors in this dynamic is understanding and appreciating what makes each person unique. This understanding often surfaces in the question: “What intrigues you about me?”

This seemingly simple query is both profound and potentially fraught. It speaks to our desire to be seen and appreciated for who we are and our fear that others may not find us interesting or worth their time. As such, it is a question that warrants thoughtful consideration and a meaningful response.

Understanding the Question

How to answer: “What intrigues you about me?”. This question is both a plea and a challenge. It asks for validation, for acknowledgment that the speaker is seen, recognized, and found interesting. At the same time, it tests the listener’s perception, empathy, and sincerity.

The question may come up in different contexts, each with its implications. In a job interview, it could be a way of gauging your perception and attention to detail. In a personal relationship, it may indicate a desire for deeper emotional connection. In a networking scenario, it could test your understanding of the other person’s role or significance in a given field. In each context, the appropriate response may vary, but the key lies in providing an authentic, thoughtful, and engaging answer.

Preparing for the Response

When asked, “What intrigues you about me?”, it’s important to consider your response carefully. An honest, detailed, and considerate answer can strengthen relationships and contribute to positive interaction.

  1. Reflection: Consider what genuinely intrigues you about the person. This process requires self-awareness and observational skills. Reflect on your interactions and what stands out about the individual.
  2. Analysis: Once you have identified what intrigues you, analyze why it does. It’s not enough to say something intrigues you; understanding why it does gives depth to your response and indicates genuine interest in the person.
  3. Formulation: Craft your response. This is the stage where you put your thoughts into words. Be sincere and specific in expressing what intrigues you and why.

Crafting Your Response

When it comes to crafting your response to the question, “What intrigues you about me?” specificity and sincerity are key. Rather than making generic statements, like “You’re interesting,” specify what aspect about them is intriguing. For instance, “Your ability to find humor in challenging situations is intriguing. It speaks of a positive and resilient mindset, which I admire.”

Different scenarios will call for different kinds of responses. Here are some examples:

  • Professional: “I am intrigued by your innovative approach to problem-solving. You always manage to think outside the box, which brings a refreshing perspective to our team.”
  • Romantic: “What intrigues me about you is your empathy and kindness. The way you treat people around you with such warmth and understanding is genuinely captivating.”
  • Friendly: “I find your passion for environmental activism intriguing. Your commitment to making a difference inspires me to be more conscious of my own actions.”

Remember that a response to this question is not just about what you say, but also how you say it. Your tone should convey genuine interest and respect, reflecting that you value the individual and what makes them unique.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are common pitfalls when answering the question, “What intrigues you about me?#. Avoiding these can ensure that your response is received positively:

  • Being vague or generic: As previously stated, specificity is key. Vague or generic responses can come across as disinterested or insincere.
  • Focusing on physical attributes only: While complimenting someone’s appearance can be flattering, focusing solely on physical aspects may be seen as shallow. It’s better to focus on character traits, behaviors, or abilities that you find intriguing.
  • Turning the attention to yourself: While it’s fine to relate your answer back to your own experiences occasionally, ensure the focus remains on the person asking the question.

The Power of Effective Communication

Answering the question “What intrigues you about me?” goes beyond providing a satisfying response to the asker. It’s an exercise in empathy, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. By crafting thoughtful, detailed, and sincere answers, you not only validate the other person’s unique traits but also build a stronger, more meaningful connection.

Effective communication requires active listening and understanding. When asked what intrigues you about someone, these skills come into play. You need to have listened to and observed the other person carefully enough to give a sincere answer. This level of attention and thoughtfulness can significantly enhance your interpersonal relationships.


Answering “What intrigues you about me?” is a delicate and critical task. This question requires a thoughtful, authentic response that demonstrates understanding, appreciation, and respect for the person asking. By avoiding common pitfalls and making sure to incorporate empathy and emotional intelligence, you can craft an answer that not only satisfies the query but also strengthens the bond between you and the person asking. Remember, it’s about more than answering a question – it’s about fostering meaningful, rewarding relationships with those around you.