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Desk Yoga For Cubicle Slaves

Office workers, (or anyone who has a chair-ridden job), need a lot of movement. Why? Because moving around is good for you. Plain and simple. But there’s a problem with this: it requires getting up and moving around. Don’t you wish there was a lazier way to exercise?

Fortunately, Yoga Instructor Extraordinare Marcia Langenberg gives us a way to exercise without leaving our chairs: Yoga @ Desk.

Yoga @ Desk is a series of videos that show you just how to take your inherent laziness workspace limitations and carry it over into a physical activity.

Oh, and did I mention that moving around is very important? If you don’t move around enough, you can get blood clots. And these blood clots can shimmy up bloodstreams and head for the lungs or brain, and can sometimes be fatal. The image of me dying in my office chair is not a pleasant one.

I guess if I had to choose, my preferred device of death would have to be a Chipotle burrito. (I usually make it a point to tell this to anyone within earshot while at the blessed restaurant.) Yup, eating a tasty burrito and promptly croaking seems like the only way to go. But to each his own.