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Embrace Procrastination

It’s true: some of us are just more prone to slack off. Typically, that’s viewed as a bad thing. But, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Maybe we should just accept the fact that we’re going to slack off, despite our best efforts. To compensate for our resistance to work, Jason Womack at Davidco believes that we should slack off with things that are more beneficial to our lives.

If you are the kind of person who procrastinates, find another way, or other ways, to procrastinate that are more effective, more efficient, and more inspiring. I can only tell you how many times I’ve returned from a quick walk down the block to get back my desk and power through an important letter or tougher section of an article I was writing!

I guess the argument could be made that instead of trying to actively avoid work, maybe we should focus our efforts on something else worthwhile to help invigorate us. Sound familiar?