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How to Use Disaster to Learn Self-Reliance

When things go wrong, there’s always a lesson to learn. Jessica shows us how to learn from disasters.

Image by MacQ As I’ve written before, I love sharing ideas, and think it’s a crucial aspect of developing a project. Yet oftentimes the people I share ideas with don’t like or understand them. They’ll let me know quickly if the idea is a stinker. But there are a few occasions when my friends won’t… Read more

Photo by zanzibar This is the first in a series of posts that showcase things I’ve learned during my recent honeymoon travels. My new wife and I decided to go on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, and with the help of the most knowledgeable traveler I know, we booked an amazing week-long cruise. Lynn… Read more

Photo by macropoulos Being a writer, or in any creative profession, means you’re heavily reliant on a creative “something” to get you going, and give you the impetus you need to get working. Once the creative juices get flowing, you’re sailing through your work; when that creativity isn’t there, it can be hard to get… Read more

I was recently reminded of how important it is in the lifecycle of an idea to actually share the idea. When you can correctly put into words (or letters if you’re typing) the main thrust of what you’ve conceived, it helps to really process the idea. You can’t fully understand the idea until you’ve tried… Read more

Photo by SeraphimC When a new creative project starts people typically take two approaches. They will either get working on it right away if they have the time (or are excited by it) or push it off till right before the deadline. Neither strategy will allow you to be at your creative best. Instead I… Read more

Updated February 2019 This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of these affiliate links and purchase the item, I will receive a commission. That allows me to continue to research and provide valuable information to the Internet community. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m addicted to ideas. I feed off of ’em. And… Read more

Generating Ideas: A Fine Art It seems that whenever we have ideas, they come at the worst possible time. And when we need ideas, they don’t come at all. Oftentimes ideas just aren’t going to come. At all. There’s no worse feeling than needing an idea, but not having a single one. Yet there are… Read more

photo credit: Thomas Rockstar Creative individuals have plenty of ideas. Great big, earth-changing ideas. Unfortunately, not many of them ever evolve into anything fruitful. Why? Because having an idea is only half the battle. The real challenge is refining the idea into something more than a vapor of your imagination. There is a fine art… Read more

photo credit: ryancr It’s easy to think of ideas in terms of ownership. “I thought of it first so it’s my idea.” We cling to these ideas because we feel that if we share them, there’s a chance someone will steal them. Or worse… they might hate the idea. So we keep them to ourselves.… Read more

I can still remember my first experience with an incubator as a child. Our elementary school had an incubator where we artificially heated chicken eggs until they eventually hatched, in our very own classroom. Every day we’d all be sure to gather round the incubator and check the progress of the eggs. And when the… Read more

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