How I Manage My Morning Routine with a To-Do List

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

I’ve been a huge fan of Seth Godin over the years, mainly because the man thinks outside the box. But the reason that I’ll always be a fan of Seth is his humility. Check out his Thanksgiving Post for further proof. I tried to sum it up like this: Not only can’t I imagine charging… Read more

Sometimes a creative solution to a problem just inspires like no other. I recently stumbled upon reCaptcha, a captcha solution for websites. Captcha is that kind of annoying thing that makes you enter random words by squinting at a funky, distorted image. It’s an almost necessary evil these days to ward off spammers. But reCaptcha… Read more

Mike Arrington has an interesting piece on Yossi Vardi, a prolific tech investor of the past 40 years (more on Yossi in a bit). Within this piece a killer speech given by Teddy Roosevelt in 1910 was referenced. In an eloquent way, Roosevelt managed to sum up why it’s better to try, even when failure… Read more

This is the fourth article in the series Ideas From Start to Finish. Ahh change. ┬áSome love it, others fear it. Regardless of your preference, it’s still an extremely vital part of the development process of any idea. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be open to change when it comes to our ideas. However,… Read more

While isolation does have it’s perks, it has a huge downside: You lose contact with real people. There’s only so much interaction you can have over skype, IM, email, and other forms of internet communication. Without this crucial human interaction, we start to do interesting things… like inventing and talking to imaginary friends. How can… Read more

There’s a good reason why there hasn’t been a lot of activity on this blog as of late. I’ve been co-launching a blog network with Brett Kelly of Cranking Widgets. We’ve just put the finishing touches on, so I feel confident in sharing with you guys the latest venture, LifeRemix. LifeRemix is a collection of… Read more

Ideas are a funny thing. I love getting them. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always looking for the next thing. I’ve got my head in the clouds. I’ve had plenty of bad ideas, and a few good ones. But it wasn’t the fact that some of my ideas weren’t that great that killed them. It… Read more

As promised, I had an IM interview with the highly-successful author Tim Ferriss. Tim (among his many incredible feats) released a book called The 4-Hour Work Week, and it has instantly become a mega-hit. Fortunately, I was able to catch up with the renaissance man for about a half an hour. While this may not… Read more

I recently had the privilege of previewing Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek, the soon-to-be monster on the best-selling lists. This book has tons of solid information on how to completely transform the way you think about work. From the top down. The 4-Hour Workweek‘s main premise is this: You can do more, by doing less.… Read more

With all of the startups as of late, it seems like everyone is making a “clone” of something already in existence. Like a “MySpace clone” or a “Digg clone”. Why? Because these sites have proven that they have the formula for attracting visitors and making some serious coin. Unfortunately for these entrepreneurs, they’re not going… Read more

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