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Changing the Scope of LifeDev (Slightly)

So, recently I’ve been getting some very constructive comments from people about LifeDev. The one recommendation I keep hearing from people is to change the tagline of the site. Up until a few minutes ago, the tagline of the site looked like this:

“Productivity for Creative People” is a great tagline, but unfortunately I tend to write about many other topics other than productivity that creative people like myself find useful. (A quick glance at some of my latest posts proves this quickly.)

The problem with the tagline was that it pigeon-holed me into one very, very specific range of topics (which I never really adhered to anyway). So I’ve decided to modify it slightly. The tagline now looks like this:

While the writing will be centered around helping creative people, we’re not just going to be talking about productivity. No sir. We’ll be hitting on the many aspects of life that creative types like you and I wrestle with every day. Yes, there’s still going to be a lot of writing about productivity. But this gives me freedom to branch out a tad more at the same time.

Now here’s where you, the good readers of LifeDev, can give me a little direction. Are there any topics that you’d specifically like to see us hit on? What type of posts interest you the most? Also, I’d love to hear any more feedback on the tagline.

You guys are awesome.