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Prepare For Your Next Task Before You Take a Break

As I’ve been trying to stick with my convictions on only allowing the absolute-smallest amounts of time to finish tasks, I’ve learned that the more you make of the time before each task, the more efficient you’ll be.

Instead of finishing a task, taking your well deserved break, and coming back to a completely new task, try this: Set up your materials needed for the next task before you go on your break. Here’s an example.

As I finished up my previous task and prepared for a break, I logged into the WordPress and pulled up the “Write” page. That way, when I came back from the computer, I knew the first thing that had to be done was to write this post.

Aside from saving a little time, this trick allows me to go straight to the next task, without dawdling by way of email, YouTube, etc. Just straight-up productivity, baby. Also, if you set up what needs to be done before the break, you can marinate the tasks in your mind at your leisure. You’re working subconsciously while taking a break.

This little tactic could be used many different ways, and is almost limitless. Set out the mop and bucket in the middle of the floor to remind you to… mop the floor. Etc., etc., etc.

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