How I Manage My Morning Routine with a To-Do List

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

Apparently some studies have shown that information overload… yes overload… can actually be good for you. “Studies have been done showing that people can actually enhance their cognitive abilities, which helps them to process more information at the same time. And their performance even transfers to other tasks.” Hrm. I’m no expert, but that seems… Read more

My friend enlightenend me to running 2.0.  Gone are the days of hopping in the car and relying on the trusty odometer to calculate milage from my runs.  Now you can use a Google Maps mashup and track your routes online with FavoriteRun. FavoriteRun has a lot of functionality that is sure to help runners. … Read more

As I sit by the window working this afternoon, I can’t help but notice how perfect it is working inside of a cozy office while outside it’s cold, dark and rainy. There could only be one thing that could possibly make this working day more enjoyable: a hot cup of tea. So, as I get… Read more

Heh… did I get you? I didn’t mean the actual Thanksgiving Day tradition will make you live longer. Rather, actual acts of thanksgiving will increase your lifespan. A Better You Blog cites statistics from 2000 that being thankful is actually beneficial to your health. One further reason is that research shows it is beneficial to… Read more

Hopefully I’m really wrong on this, but I think I may be coming down with the very first stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not a good thing for a guy who’s livelihood depends on using his hands. I didn’t know much about this injury, other than the fact that it sucks. So naturally, I asked… Read more

Everyone knows that multi-tasking makes you less efficient. That’s sooo 2005. But maybe multi-tasking isn’t that bad. Maybe the problem lies in what we’re multi-tasking. Instead of trying to juggle different tasks, maybe we could switch between different physical contexts of life like social, mental and spiritual. D*I*Y Planner has a blueprint for this, and… Read more

Many people see productivity nirvana as working dilligently for 10 hours straight on our to-do lists, and completing each and every task. Although I myself have had many a sweet dream to this image, it’s a pretty lofty goal. Can we really do that? I’d argue that we can’t, at least not without taking a… Read more

Links updated October 2019. The third part of this Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout series deals with resting. Yay! The funny thing about rest is that most people don’t see the benefits, even though they know the negative effects of not getting enough. And it’s real easy to blame just about everything on being tired. That’s why… Read more

Man, I can’t tell you how valuable this blogging tip is. Here’s what my typical blog posting process used to look like. I’d go hit up my RSS feeds, flag the feeds I wanted to write about and crank out whatever I was thinking of at the time, all in one session. Occasionally I’d get… Read more

A lot of people have the misconception that taking a break is lazy. It’s not! We learned yesterday that in order to be really effective, you need fun things in your day or else you’ll burnout. Well, you’ll also burn the people out around you if you don’t take care of yourself and your family… Read more

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