How I Manage My Morning Routine with a To-Do List

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

Let your phone remember the steps so you can have a relaxing morning

Remote work can leave teams feeling disconnected. Here’s what you can do as a manager to keep your team engaged.

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As I sit listening to the rain pound on the Denver airport windows, I can’t help but compare my work spaces in the past couple of days. You’ll recall that one week ago I was typing happily in a serene location. Today: not so much. Working by a scenic stream in northern California, exactly one… Read more

photo credit: Hometown Invasion Tour Editors note: Post written by Heather Johnson. Working from home presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. When it comes to developing a meaningful relationship, the home worker may feel that they’re behind the proverbial eight ball. You’re not out in the world as much as the guy that… Read more

I’m wondering if the lack of human intervention changes us a little bit on the inside. A little bit of seclusion never hurt anyone, but homeworkers deal with something completely different. I found this study that further confirms my suspicions: ”In-person contact stimulates an emotional reaction,” explains Lawrence Honig, a neurologist at Columbia-Presbyterian Eastside, a… Read more

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