6 Ways to Help You See Your Projects Through

Many people fail to finish what they started. Here’s what you can do to finish off your projects.

I just got an email from Chris at Calgoo saying that their calendar service is going live tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard of Calgoo, it’s a calendar that allows you to roll all of your calendars, (GCal, iCal, Microsoft) into one, with sharing among contacts. It looks like it’s a desktop/online combo with a… Read more

I don’t think I have to tell this blog’s readers how hard it can be to stay on task when working on the computer. That’s why “concentration applications” are great tools to have. If you’re a mac user, check out the elegant Isolator for blocking out all of those outside distractions associated with working with… Read more

Here are some great links to check out in your free time this weekend. I found all of these over at the del.icio.us popular pages. It’s pretty interesting stuff… but then again would I point you to anything that wasn’t? :) Hipster PDA Templates “Inspired by Laurent Baumann’s brilliant Flat WhiteBezel icon set, the templates… Read more

Think Think is a cool little app for OS X that tries to eliminate visual distractions from your computer screen while you work. From the Think website: Focusing takes concentration, and concentration takes energy. You can only concentrate on so much at a time, and you can’t create more energy. What we need to do… Read more

Stikkit Updates In the online productivity tools arena, Stikkit has just announced that they’ve added quite a few updates to their interesting service, like a bookmarklet and “peeps” (aka contacts manager). I’ve never personally got into Stikkit much, but after seeing the screencast and perusing the company blog a bit and seeing other stikkiteers’ examples,… Read more

Merlin at 43F points us to a terrific (mac only) resource for writers: Scrivener. Scrivener is more or less a project management tool for writers. It allows you to: edit multiple documents create “corkboards” to storyboard and arrange thoughts use a fully-featured outliner track keywords (like themes) you write about full screen edit … and… Read more

I’ve been trying out a couple of mind mapping programs: MindManager Pro and Thinkature. MindManager Pro is paid software ($349) from Mindjet, and in my opinion is the Cadillac of mind mapping programs. It’s fast, has an easy to use interface, and is very intuitive with an interface very similar to Microsoft Word. I love… Read more

Podophile has a great post on how to get things done with your iPod. By using Quicksilver to sync with your iPod, you can now send yoiur lists over to the tiny jukebox. At the click of a button, all of your Projects and Context Lists are sent to your Notes folder, making it easy… Read more

Michael over at Black Belt Productivity has a great post on when Lifehacking becomes more of a burden than a help. Ironically enough, it’s when you’re trying too hard to hone your system of organization. I’m guilty as anybody here. I’m constantly checking out, reviewing, changing, upgrading and switching my system. I try out new… Read more

LifeClever has outlined two ways [link defunct] to quickly utilize del.icio.us, the popular social bookmarking service. Mmmmm. The coolest IMHO is the brilliant Quicksilver implementation.  I get a warm fuzzy every time I hear of a new implementation on how to use the brilliant Mac program.  (Considering this is coming from a Windows user, it should… Read more

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