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How to Use Disaster to Learn Self-Reliance

When things go wrong, there’s always a lesson to learn. Jessica shows us how to learn from disasters.

Office Depot has just come to the conclusion that employees lose more than 15 minutes a day (or 2 hours per week), due to lack of organization.  Apparently 53% of employees operate in a “controlled chaos” environment.  Honestly, they’re lucky it’s controlled.  Most people only work in chaos.  So naturally, Office Depot has come up… Read more

I’ve stated before that I use Merlin Mann’s Hipster PDA religiously. It’s just as good as a PDA in my opinion, and it won’t break the bank. Well, thanks to WinterMute, you can make a cover for your Hipster PDA out of duct tape and checkbook covers. Sweet!

Today I just decided to do something different. For one day I’m throwing GTD contexts out the window in my daily planning. No disrespect to The David, I’m just switching it up for a bit. I’ve got a theory. Contexts are ways to organize what you have to do into the tools or locations you… Read more

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