How to Set Quarterly Goals

A 5 step process to set and achieve your quarterly goals. is such an easy todo list/writeboard application.  There’s nothing to it (almost literally).  It was built with the goal of keeping distractions limited.  There’s nothing flashy about this application at all.  The only ajax that’s used is the ability to drag and drop your list items. You can start creating todo lists without any… Read more

Sorry for the alliteration folks. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to keep that at a minimum in the future. I recently had the pleasure of checking out MindMeister, a mind mapping service that rivals the likes of Mindmeister is great for anyone wanting to quickly dump their thoughts or ideas into graphical… Read more

Nozbe is a just-launched GTD productivity app that allows people to easily create contexts, projects, tasks and notes via a simple web interface. It’s much like Backpack except it was built with the Getting Things Done methodology in mind. The thing I really dig about Nozbe is the fact that you can work in contexts… Read more

How to use all free tools for your GTD process

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the online productivity app in one place? Well, now there is! I’ve started LifeDev’s very own Big List of Online Productivity Tools. However, it is by no means complete. At all. Although there are a lot of great productivity applications on this list, it’s still lacking some… Read more

Gmail has just added a new feature (at least to my Gmail account) that allows you to open attached documents with Google Documents in a new window. Pretty slick!

Looks like the online productivity app Remember the Milk has just added a dashboard widget for OS X.  This handy widget shows your tasks, either from a specific list or all of your lists. I’ve tried out RTM before, and really liked it. They’ve got a great feature set and is one of my favorite… Read more

Fellow productivity blogger Merlin Mann (of 43folders fame) has just joined the Stikkit advisory board. This is a monster win/win situation for everyone involved. Stikkit is an amazing organization app, and have thoroghly enjoyed playing around with it. I’ve decided to use it as my de-facto contact manager for Blogfuse once it’s ready for release.… Read more

Whoo doggies, Have I got a hot site for you creative types! If you’re into mind mapping, (which I am), then you’ll definitely need to check out  There’s a thorough review over at Solutionwatch, so I don’t need to re-hash the nuts and bolts of the app. What you do need to know is… Read more

My friend enlightenend me to running 2.0.  Gone are the days of hopping in the car and relying on the trusty odometer to calculate milage from my runs.  Now you can use a Google Maps mashup and track your routes online with FavoriteRun. FavoriteRun has a lot of functionality that is sure to help runners. … Read more

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