Stay Current While Avoiding the News

The news makes you feel bad, and that kills your productivity. Here’s what to do instead.

Creating My ToDo List Through Jott And Gmail “1. If you don’t have an account with Gmail, you must set one up by going here. 2. Once you have logged into your Gmail account, go to the “Labels” box on the sidebar and click on “Edit labels”. 3. In the entry box marked “Create a… Read more

We’ve written before on one of our most favorite Extensions for Firefox: GTDGmail. However, since then the extension has gone through some changes. First and foremost, the extension’s name has been changed to GTDInbox (courtesy of Google’s lawyers). But secondly, they’ve come out with an update that gives a 2-minute timer to help with blazing… Read more

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog has a nice comparison complete with charts that show the differences between online mind-mapping applications.  The article focuses on four of the most popular mapping software: Mindomo,, Mindmeister and Thinkature. I think my favorite is still, but that’s probably because I’ve played with it most.  What’s your favorite… Read more

Highrise, the 37Signals latest production, has just launched.  Highrise is a nifty little online contact manager.   With Highrise you can: Share contacts and personal info with others in your organization Assign tasks for contacts and reminders that can be sent to your mobile phone Keep a full history of all the interactions you make with… Read more

LifeDev guest-blogger Brett has a great post on how to whip Stikkit into GTD submission, David Allen style. It’s the tagging functionality that will be doing the bulk of the work here, along with heavy use of the ‘aka’ capabilities of Stikkit (more on this later). I’ll be presenting this implementation in a somewhat step-by-step… Read more

I recently was accepted to Reinvigorate, a new stat tracking program. And I’ve been blown away. Reinvigorate does exactly what the name implies: it takes something bland like stat tracking and turns it into something beautiful and fun (if you can believe that). It satisfies two of my needs: deep analytics and an intuitive interface.… Read more

I just got an email from Chris at Calgoo saying that their calendar service is going live tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard of Calgoo, it’s a calendar that allows you to roll all of your calendars, (GCal, iCal, Microsoft) into one, with sharing among contacts. It looks like it’s a desktop/online combo with a… Read more

Freshbooks announced earlier this week that they’ve added Basecamp integration with their invoicing service. Now users of Basecamp can invoice their clients via a couple of options. From the Freshbooks’ blog entry, we learn that they believe this will satisfy 80% of people’s needs who use both the services. Check out the screencasts in the… Read more

In yesterday’s post on using Gmail to organize your digital life, I brought up the fact that I haven’t been really wowed by Imified yet. Initially, I was pretty excited to test this little guy out. Combining all of those services looked like a great idea. I gave it an initial test run, but unfortunately… Read more

There’s a cool GTD web app that I’ve played around with called iCommit. It’s pretty interesting actually. It’s a little hard to understand at first, but once you get the hang of iCommit, it makes sense. Anywho, they’re apparently coming out with version 3 (they’re on version 2 right now), and it looks pretty sweet.… Read more

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