Stay Current While Avoiding the News

The news makes you feel bad, and that kills your productivity. Here’s what to do instead.

Ideas can’t be transferred. It’s just not possible. Ideas can be built upon, but you’ll never fully transfer an idea or dream. I came across a post by Darren of Problogger that I think gives a pretty decent example of a website that spiraled downward once it was acquired. Zookoda is an rss-to-email newsletter service.… Read more

Sometimes a creative solution to a problem just inspires like no other. I recently stumbled upon reCaptcha, a captcha solution for websites. Captcha is that kind of annoying thing that makes you enter random words by squinting at a funky, distorted image. It’s an almost necessary evil these days to ward off spammers. But reCaptcha… Read more

This is the fourth article in the series Ideas From Start to Finish. Ahh change.  Some love it, others fear it. Regardless of your preference, it’s still an extremely vital part of the development process of any idea. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be open to change when it comes to our ideas. However,… Read more

I love dreaming. I’m a serial dreamer. I love the novelty of new ideas. I love coming up with them, implementing them, and sharing them. Ideas are like fresh air to me, and everything in my professional life revolves around them. Unfortunately, the hardest thing for a dreamer to do is to see his/her idea… Read more

Most people (including yours truly) get an idea, start working on it, and then realize 40 hours later that it really wasn’t that great of an idea in the first place. This is only after the feeling of “Oh Crap!” settles into your stomach and makes you never want to try working on your own… Read more

New moleskine products from Behance.

Ideas are a funny thing. I love getting them. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always looking for the next thing. I’ve got my head in the clouds. I’ve had plenty of bad ideas, and a few good ones. But it wasn’t the fact that some of my ideas weren’t that great that killed them. It… Read more

Note: Behance is a sponsor of LifeDev. But rest assured we wouldn’t have written this if we didn’t mean every word. Every word. Behance is a productivity outfitter of sorts. As per their slogan “making ideas happen”, they’ve interestingly focused their products for creative types. This is a smart move. Creativity is a very important… Read more

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog has a nice comparison complete with charts that show the differences between online mind-mapping applications.  The article focuses on four of the most popular mapping software: Mindomo,, Mindmeister and Thinkature. I think my favorite is still, but that’s probably because I’ve played with it most.  What’s your favorite… Read more

MSNBC has an interesting article titled “Meetings make us dumber, study shows“.  Here’s the point that really drove it home for me: “The researchers speculate that when a group of people receives information, the inclination is to discuss it. The more times one option is said aloud, the harder it is for individuals to recall… Read more

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