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Productivity for Entrepreneurs – Link Roundup December 2018

It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur. There are countless sources of information on how to be productive. I’ve rounded up just a few that really stood out this month.

Follow Up Boss published a list of ways to manage your time better. It does a great job of explaining how to make sure you’re working on actions that give you the most leverage. I especially agree with the advice that you should know your best hours to work.

Zapier’s blog has an article about making difficult decisions that I found really insightful. One key takeaway for me was to think long term when making decisions. Importantly, it also talks about committing to your decision to avoid the what-ifs.

Taylor Pearson posted on Medium about how to overcome the fear of failure – a topic especially relevant for new entrepreneurs. He shows how to reframe your thinking from worker to investor. From there, you can build systems to get quick feedback from your efforts.

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