Odds and Ends: The Guest Posting Edition

Lately I’ve been seen here and there, writing articles for various online publications. Because I have many diverse interests, I tend to write on a variety of different places on a bunch of different topics.

Here are some of the places I’ve written recently.

Lots of people strive to have “simple” solutions for managing their work and life, but for me, it’s not that simple. For me, creativity, organization, and life are anything but simple, and managing them is a delicate process that constantly changes . I recently had an article published on the Evernote Blog that chronicles how I incorporate Evernote into my hodge-podge workflow. (Evernote is the bubble gum and bailing wire that holds my life together.) Read more

I typically write a couple of articles on OpenForum, which has grown like a weed in the last year. I learned plenty on workplace relationships while researching an article on the characteristics of successful employees. In short, energy is everything. Energizers help every aspect of a company, and if you can learn how to build others up, you’ll be infinitely more valuable to your co-workers. Read more

I recently wrote here on how beneficial my recent cruise was to my work, and expanded on it further in this article with more facts to back up my thoughts. There are countless examples of other countries that offer lots more vacation time, and are more productive than us Yankees. (International readers: You guys have got it figured out!) The article goes on to show the risks of not taking enough vacation time. Read more

Occasionally my articles at OpenForum can be on the lighter side. Here’s a fun story of a company that spent $14 dollars on a customer, and in turn improved their overall sales by 669%. Yet another example of why being generous to your customers pays off in the long-run.

Occasionally I’ll put on my marketing hat, as it’s another one of my interests. Here’s an article on how important the call to action is, and why using too many is counterproductive. (Ever seen a blog with a sidebar chock-full of ads and other messy junk? Prime example.) Read more on calls to action

Ok, that’s it for now. As always, thanks for reading. This site has given me many opportunities that I wouldn’t received without your comments, emails, and support.

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